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The Power and Flexibility of an Open API

Connecting applications to automate your service business is critical to its success. FieldAware’s API is designed to be the foundation to achieve this.

FieldAware's Open API

FieldAware’s API is designed to simplify the process of integrating our system with existing accounting, ERP, CRM and other business systems.  This enables companies to use “best-of-breed” applications (like FieldAware) that leverage the “API economy” to:

  • Select the best application for every need, every user and every business case
  • Improve business processes and application functionality – fast
  • Purchase the products and services they need, when they need them using subscription based pricing (instead of software licenses and maintenance contracts)
  • Seamlessly integrate with legacy systems and software

Based on mainstream Web technologies, FieldAware’s API uses:

  • Standard Web protocols including:
    • HTTP
    • SSL
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a lightweight, extensible, data-interchange format.
    • JSON is easy for humans to read and write and for machines to parse and generate. 
    • It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language Standard.

The API is built on the LAMP stack (the acronym stands for the four components of the solution) which is composed entirely of open-source software.  The LAMP stack is designed for building high-availability, heavy-duty dynamic web services and is capable of serving tens of thousands of requests simultaneously.  The components of LAMP include:

  • Ubuntu Linux - the fastest and most robust way to build open cloud applications. It is the reference operating system for OpenStack, and includes everything needed to deploy a feature-rich OpenStack deployment. It includes enterprise class support for both Ubuntu and OpenStack.
  • Apache HTTP or web server – the most popular HTTP web server in use since April, 1996.  In 2009, it became the first web server software to run on more than 100 million web sites.  Apache is developed and maintained by an open community of developers who participate in the Apache Software Foundation.  Apache is open source and is available for a wide number of operating systems including Unix, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Novell NetWare, OS X, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, TPF, OpenVMS and eComStation. As of June, 2013 Apache was estimated to serve 54.2 percent of all active web sites and 53.3 percent of the top servers across all domains.
  • MySQL database – one of the world’s most popular, open-source relational data base management systems.  Owned and operated by Oracle Corporation, it is a popular choice for web applications and the central component of the LAMP stack.
  • Python scripting language – a widely used, general purpose programming language, Python is designed to enable programmers to express concepts in very few lines of code.  It supports multiple programming models including object-oriented, imperative, functional or procedural programming.  It also features a dynamic type system, automatic memory management and a large standard library.

FieldAware’s API is based on a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) architecture which is the standard for web-based API’s.  The RESTful architectural style is built for networked applications and decouples client and server technologies.  It relies on a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol – HTTP – the standard web protocol.

FieldAware chose the RESTful architecture to simplify integration with existing accounting and other business management systems and to ensure that every information element processed by FieldAware – work order, quote or estimate, customer, asset, part and service – is passed in perfect order to accounting, ERP, and CRM systems for invoicing, process improvement, payroll, human resource management, management reporting and other critical business functions.

Our API can help companies seamlessly integrate their existing business systems smoothly and seamlessly with our made for mobile cloud-based solution.

Service optimization is a journey, not a destination...

Service chain optimization requires an organization to embrace processes and tools that improve efficiency, productivity, and eventually, the profitability of a service organization. The journey is not an easy one for a company to take, but the FieldAware API is designed to simplify the process of integrating business operations and data with existing accounting, ERP, CRM, and other business systems. Mouse over each section to learn more about how FieldAware helps to shorten the journey to true service chain optimization.

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Service Offering Differentiation & Expansion

FieldAware delivers the unparalleled ability to analyze which products and services are most profitable for your business. Make your business more successful by delivering the biggest impact to your bottom line.

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Service & Worker Productivity

FieldAware helps engineers and technicians to work more efficiently, resulting in more productivity. They’re able to spend more time on the job and less time in the office. That means more revenue without additional staff and an improved bottom line for your business.

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ERP Integration

FieldAware’s open API is designed to make it easy to feed your existing ERP system with comprehensive data from the field. Gone are the days of manual data entry. With all of your critical business systems communicating with one another, you can manage your business at the speed it runs.

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CRM Integration

FieldAware feeds job data from the field into your CRM. This provides your managers and customers with real-time insights into field operations. FieldAware is the only field service application with an open API, meaning the integration possibilities are endless.

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Inventory Integration

Increase your first-time fix rate by opening up real-time visibility into your inventory. FieldAware’s inventory integration enables you to know exactly which parts you have on hand and when you need to restock. You can even use barcodes to keep track of inventory use.

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Asset Management

FieldAware can track the complete service history of an asset, as well as keep track of asset location and important manufacturer information. In addition, you have the ability to attach schematics and photo instructions to an asset, keeping your field staff educated.

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Customer Satisfaction

FieldAware customers realize an average 22% increase in customer satisfaction. How happy would your customers be if your staff was always on time and jobs were completed in just one visit?

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Work Order Management

FieldAware enables companies to ensure that service orders contain the information that technicians need to complete work quickly and back office personnel require to bill customers accurately and efficiently. And because the process is smooth, fast and error-free, customers are happier, productivity is improved, and cash flow is accelerated.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

FieldAware’s Business Intelligence Dashboards include a variety of standard reports that provide the up-to-the minute information that service managers and executives need. All data can be exported to a CSV or sent directly to your inbox every day, week, or month.

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Optimized Scheduling

Getting the right person to the job site on time is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction in the service industry. FieldAware’s scheduling and dispatch features makes work order assignment fast, easy and accurate, as well as provides real-time access to the status of your business, every minute of every day.

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Use our - ROI - Calculator Calculate ROI

Our ROI Calculator is based on extensive industry research and provides hard data about how improvements in areas like completion rates, productivity, and inventory loss can reduce your overall operations costs – and help you sell more too.