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Atlanta Energy Specialists

Atlanta Energy Specialists


Atlanta Energy Specialists, Inc. (AES) provides quality commercial refrigeration installation and services for grocery stores throughout northern Georgia, including the greater Atlanta area, and even into South Carolina. With several chains demanding their services, the company’s technicians are in high demand. AES began using a software program to track jobs some time ago, but it wasn’t able to keep up with their needs.

 “The technicians were filling out paper work orders and faxing them to an e-mail address,” says Heather Boyer, service coordinator at AES. “I’d have to manually type in all of their notes into our old program and then go through the invoicing process. One job it would take 20 minutes to finish. It was a complete pain.”

 Luckily, she wasn’t alone in her frustration. “Myself, Tom Alesi, our president, and Jon Pace, our service manager, all decided the software we had completely wasn’t working. We sat down and talked about what we were looking for in a program and then went out to look for it. Finding a new program was a group effort.”

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

 Their search brought them to FieldAware, the cloud-based field service management solution. “What sold us was their customer service, and the integration with QuickBooks, our accounting program,” says Boyer. “We did not have those with our other program.”

 Once the FieldAware system was implemented, Boyer noticed the differences almost immediately. “It’s been amazing. I enter the calls and then dispatch them, and then the technicians fill in everything they need to on the Mobile App on their iPads, in the field, instead of hand-writing a ticket. Everything is there and everything’s instant. I don’t have to sit and wait for them to get me paperwork. I used to be calling every day to ask where it was because I couldn’t do anything without it, but now I have the information before they even leave the parking lot to go to their next job.”

 The FieldAware Scheduler provides instant access to job status, customer information, location information, asset information and notifications all in one place. It’s accessible from any Internet browser, as well as from the FieldAware Mobile App, available for Apple- and Android-based devices. “I like the Scheduler view,” says Boyer. “I can look at the screen and immediately know where a technician is. And we can just drag and drop a new job onto a technician.”

 Because FieldAware updates in real time, she adds, “We can invoice immediately. Before I’d have to enter an invoice on the old system, and our office manager would then have to put in the exact information into QuickBooks. It was almost like invoicing twice because the programs were not compatible. Now she just clicks a button and it’s there.”

 Jon Pace, service manager at AES, is equally enthusiastic about FieldAware. “It’s convenient, and we’ve had major savings in overhead costs—about $1600 to $2000 a month. I’d say it’s saving four hours from what we were doing before.”

Heather Boyer, Service Coordinator

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