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FieldAware Investors

FieldAware’s investors believe we have a rock solid technology that will continue to evolve. Our innovation, our culture, and our commitment to service make FieldAware a worthy investment.


Atlantic Bridge Capital

Atlantic Bridge Capital Logo

Atlantic Bridge is a growth equity fund focused on technology investments with offices in Dublin, London and Silicon Valley.

We believe in the entrepreneur and support management teams that have the vision and ambition to exploit major growth opportunities. Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced managers, finance professionals and investment experts possess decades of experience growing successful technology businesses globally. This wealth of experience and extensive industry contacts adds value above and beyond a purely financial investment.

The firm's investors include the founders, leading institutional investors and private investors with a track record of successful technology investments.

OpenView Venture Partners

OpenView Venture Partners Logo

OpenView Venture Partners is a venture capital firm focused on helping technology companies turn their vision into reality. We typically invest $5 to $15 million in companies that have $2 to $20 million in annual sales. Everything we do is focused on finding, capitalizing and assisting expansion stage technology companies and accelerating their pursuit to become market leading organizations.

We’ve built our team around the idea that we will provide meaningful value to each and every portfolio company. To that end, we devote every person, every skill and every advantage into making sure that each and every one of our portfolio companies succeeds.

Based in Boston, MA, we invest around the world and offer significant global expansion assistance to companies both inside and outside of North America. In support of a founder’s vision, OpenView Venture Partners provides financial, strategic, operational and practical support in a highly collaborative way, on an as-needed basis.

Oyster Capital Partners

Oyster Capital Partners is a business creation company founded by Bill McCabe. It primarily invests in three areas; Information Technology, Healthcare opportunities and Energy Technology. One of its early investments was an Irish technology company called Parthus. Parthus had a very successful IPO in London and New York.

Other examples of Oyster investments include Fleetmatics and GCAL. Oyster founded Fleetmatics approximately six years ago. This company went public on NASDAQ in the 4th quarter of 2012. It is currently valued at around $1b. GCAL is a medical device business which is growing rapidly and is highly successful and profitable. It is one of the largest non-US breast aesthetic companies in the world. Other companies in the portfolio include Novaerus, DataHug, Dedsert and WebTitan.

WestSummit Capital

WestSummit leverages its deep operational experience and unrivaled networks across the U.S. and China to help build growth stage tech enterprises into global market leaders.