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How to Avoid Boomerang Service Trips

One of the most common reasons for wasted time and expense is having to make a a return (boomerang) trip to your customer. Whether it’s because a part is missing, a technicians doesn’t have the right tool or a scheduled task wasn’t performed, a return trip doesn’t result in additional revenue or, worse, a satisfied customer.

Field Service Automation solutions like FieldAware can decrease the number of return visits by providing technicians with not only the location of the customer but also:

  • The equipment (assets) currently at the customer location
  • The tasks that are scheduled to be performed as part of the work order
  • The parts that might be needed to complete the job
  • Past work done for the customer

And, using the custom field capability of some field service management systems, companies can include additional information or customer specific processes to ensure that the technician has all the data – as well as tools and parts - that they need to complete the work order in just one trip. This not only decreases vehicle operational costs it frees the vehicle and technician up so that they can be used to produce more revenue instead.

Field technicians can also add attachments to the work order like photos, documents, and voice notes. This provides visual proof that the correct tasks were performed on the right equipment, again eliminating the need for revenue reducing additional trips to the customer site.

Learn more about how to decrease return trips and make sure that every truck roll results in revenue by downloading our white paper "Roll Trucks for Revenue (Only!) Using Field Service Automation."