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Becoming more professional and efficient with HVAC software

Moving into the new year, every business should have goals for areas it wants to improve. In the HVAC industry, many of these tasks will likely center around customer service, as technicians are out in the field every day speaking and working with clients. To have the best possible working relationship, these companies may want to look into HVAC service software. ACHR News contributor John Vastyan wrote that making the time to research and ponder which software is the best for a company will pay off over the long run, as there will likely be monetary and business rewards for picking the correct software.

Edward McFarlane, general manager of Haller Enterprises, told the news source he particularly enjoys utilizing the software his company has because it allows customers to see what they are getting instead of just reading about it. Product demonstrations with animation and video can give a different dimension to relations with clients, as the human brain tends to see and understand visuals more than text.

Vastyan said there are plenty of unique varieties of software out on the market, including those that help give estimations for environmental impact and energy savings, systems that help managers track where technicians are dispatched and those that make invoicing and payroll management much easier than they otherwise would be.

David Sims wrote on CRM Search that having the ability to see how important scheduling and dispatching are will allow a company to be far more efficient and reliable. Optimizing scheduling by having all customer information in one place, thereby being able to pull it up as soon as it is needed, can have huge positive impacts on an HVAC organization. Field services now need to be doing more than the  bare minimum, so having a program that allows organizations to know what a customer may need or want can be a huge step in the right direction as far as upselling more and increasing the level for revenue.

Industry professional Tom Bullotta told Sims that no matter what the company ends up adopting, a well-designed worker interface is critical. Having a solution that is simple to work with instead of being extremely complex will optimize productivity and allow workers to become accustomed to the platform more quickly.

Think mobility for the future
The mobile workforce is growing larger in every industry, but HVAC service providers can likely see immediate results from having field service software on employee tablets and smartphones. Derek Petty wrote on PHC News that organizations always need to be asking themselves how they can get work done in an efficient way that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. Utilizing a tablet with HVAC service software can help with this, he said, as it can keep the customer in the loop on what they owe, what may be the problem with their machinery and give them copies of service tickets for their own records instantly.

"While the technician is still onsite, clients can be receiving an email copy of the service ticket describing what he or she found, parts to be ordered and if any additional site visits need to be performed," Petty wrote. "Additionally, the client could receive proposals for the work performed, while the technician is on site. Previously, there could be up to a week of lag time between diagnosing an equipment problem onsite and getting a proposal to a client."

Additionally, Petty said utilizing mobility can help save administrative time. Eliminating the need to manually enter hours and customer data means hours each week saved in commute time and no need to draft hours and other aspects of work by hand. Petty spoke with Shapiro & Duncan HVAC, a company that has been utilizing a mobile workforce with service software, and the company said it has been much easier to track jobs and quotes, with much less paperwork to deal with than ever before.

Other benefits the company found included:
- Clients getting the service ticket quickly via email
- Information on different systems can be quickly found and accessed on the job for smoother service
- Jobs and quotes are more easily trackable, as they are instantly put into an electronic system instead of a file
- Work that has been done is listed and can be found in a database to help companies know which customers may need other services in the future

Working with HVAC service software on tablets and smartphones not only gives customers more insight and knowledge, it will help make the mobile workforce more efficient and flexible than ever. This means better technicians and happier customers, something that will certainly be a boon for the bottom line.

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