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Benefits of Field Service Management Software

While all companies are benefiting from new technology and software that helps connect different departments and processes, organizations that rely on workers in the field reap some of the largest rewards from field service management software. When dispatching, collecting payments, and monitoring daily activities, field service management software means technicians in the field are no longer technologically detached from the companies they work for while performing their jobs.

Field service management software also allows field service companies to cut down on overhead costs such as new hardware, according to Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News. According to their recent article, SaaS allows in-field workers to access field service software on nearly any device. This opens the door to companies that want to save costs with BYOD (bring your own device) policies or use existing hardware.

BYOD is growing in popularity and since many workers already own a smart device, there is essentially no hardware cost and technicians will be able to navigate the field service software using a device that they are already familiar with, cutting down on training time.

Field service software benefits customers

Customer service is also improved when workers in the field have better connectivity to the home base of the organization. They can provide customers with more accurate service, work estimates, or access to a needed part and how much it will cost. Technicians can locate much of this information on their own, without speaking to an off-site employee who must search and report it back to them.

Repair service software can expedite the payment process and reduce the need for invoicing for some services. Technicians running late can also quickly communicate their situation to the company so that impact on other customers is reduced. This can help workers and customers adjust to possible, unforeseen interruptions in the schedule, which are common in industries such as HVAC.

With BYOD, contact is also made through a device that the technician is likely to have on their person at all times. This way, communication can continue even if the worker is at a site that does not have a phone, internet access, or is not near a radio in their fleet vehicle. The software will connect them to all of the information that may need when on the job.

Field service software won’t keep your customers waiting

You may not be the only one waiting. Your customers may be getting faster service from competitors who have shorter service windows and deploy the closest technician to their home or business. How much business will you lose if your competitors get there faster and more reliably?

Even if you already have a field service software solution, there are likely gains to be made from newer, mobile, and cloud-built solutions. If you're using a premise-based solution, for instance, there's a good chance it's costing you in IT and maintenance fees. Worse, field workers aren't getting things done as efficiently as they could with native mobile apps designed specifically for use on a variety of devices. Inefficiency means less work gets done and that costs you.

Prudence is understandable when it comes to making decisions on where to invest your company's budget. But sometimes waiting means money.

Field service software will keep you organized

Can your business afford to keep plunging forward, being busy, without stopping to see if there could be an unhealthy reason why you're so busy? Start by recognizing that "busy" may not quite equal "healthy” for your business.

Think about it. Maybe your service business is busy because:

  • You're scheduling work inefficiently.
  • You're returning to customers multiple times because tasks were missed.
  • You're sending your least productive field resources to the most jobs.
  • Field teams are driving back to the office just to drop off or pick up paperwork.
  • Paper invoices and work orders are getting lost, destroyed, or misread.
  • Information is being re-keyed into disparate systems.
  • You're losing customers and spending more time finding new ones.
  • You're dealing with countless emergency calls with no way to keep them organized.

The cost of not stopping to evaluate the performance of your service operations is significant. You could be losing revenue, talented employees, and customers every day. Field service management software is designed to get you organized to reduce redundancy, create more efficiency, improve your relationship with customers, and keep your invoices and work orders organized.

For results like these, you need a proven all-in-one solution. FieldAware helps field service companies simplify their field service reporting to get data that will create better decision making, stronger organization, and happier customers.