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Key Growth Lever: Construction Equipment Maintenance Software

Construction equipment maintenance businesses rely on solid data regarding client equipment, though managers don't have the time or resources for manual data entry.

If your team is performing manual entry, the company probably experiences problems like poor back-office productivity.

In addition, you might schedule and send a technician out to the field only to learn that the equipment in question was moved when the technician arrives. This causes additional frustration and lost time as you'll have to reroute the technician or reschedule the appointment.

Fortunately, there are now solutions available to solve these problems automatically and help you improve your team's productivity

Augmenting Asset Management System Capabilities

If you're already using an asset management system, such as ThingTech, you have detailed monitoring capabilities and can collect real-time data regarding asset location, maintenance, and uses.

However, this data and knowledge still isn't harnessed in a way that optimizes company productivity.

That's where a company like FieldAware comes in. By integrating your asset management system with a tool like FieldAware, you can capture data and then integrate it with your core workflow platform.

As a result, account managers can better plan and prepare for unforeseen circumstances and optimize business efficiency.

How FieldAware Harnesses Data

Once the data from your ERP enters FieldAware's software, what does it do with the data, and how does it help your business grow? Here are a few noteworthy items.

Schedule and Dispatch

As data enters the FieldAware system, it will populate the technician's jobs for the day and makes it easy to schedule recurring visits.

Dispatchers also never have to worry about matching appropriate technician skills/equipment and tasks as FieldAware does this for you.

Route Optimization

The more time your technicians spend driving, the more money it costs your business. Therefore, routing optimization can identify the fastest routes possible to ensure your technicians minimize drive time.

If an emergency occurs, the system can also automatically reroute the truck and ensure that a technician arrives promptly.

Technician Enablement

Common field service technician complaints include little knowledge of the job prior to arrival, inappropriate tools for the job, and a lack of client history.

FieldAware fixes this with a mobile app that provides a 360-degree view of job and client information. This helps increase your first-time fix rate, which improves your company's bottom line and client satisfaction.


Rather than making field technicians relay job information to the accounting department, a tool like FieldAware pulls data from the job to automate the process. Technicians can now invoice clients themselves, slashing wait times from days or weeks to minutes.

This also reduces billing errors and miscommunication between technicians, accountants, and clients.

Empower Your Data Today

Collecting data without a plan to harness it and gather actionable insights won’t help your business achieve maximum efficiency. However, combining an asset management system with a solution like FieldAware will turn data into actionable insights and help your construction equipment maintenance company gain an edge over competitors that still rely on primitive methods.



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