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Building a Culture of Service Excellence

Building a Culture of Service Excellence

Nik sat in his cool office looking at his computer screen. Suddenly his heart sank. He began to realize all of the data they’d missed. Resource POS had grown incredibly fast, but the reality was they could have done so much better. If they’d had insight - any at all, into their field operations, they would have accomplished so much more.

There was the faintest of lumps growing in Nik's throat as he looked at his FieldAware dashboard and began to understand how much time had been wasted by having a paper process for so long. His field service engineers had been checking boxes on printed work orders and scanning documents in for processing. Hours and hours of time had been used. Money had been pouring out of his operation through lack of optimization like Niagara Falls.

Nik had his moment, and then let out a cleansing sigh of relief. He looked at the dashboard in front of him with appreciation because they’d turned things around. Now Resource POS had FieldAware and the days of paper in their field service operation were gone. And with its integration with NetSuite, they were now saving more time and money than they’d imagined. Yes, it was a good thing. Nik swallowed the lump and let out a little chuckle that followed a smile. Things were good… no, great now.

FieldAware’s experience and Aberdeen’s research validates that this is a common scenario for businesses.



Many businesses with field service operations begin with a paper process, which lacks significant visibility into field service operations and wait too long to move their processes to an automated system. Resource POS recognized this challenge and identified the need to make a change. Their primary concern, however, was having a system that would integrate with NetSuite for their ERP and CRM maintenance. This, combined with the need to introduce mobility to their field operations drove their decision to choose FieldAware.


“I wish we’d put something like this in a lot sooner too. We weren’t even thinking about it… We wish that, though, we could have developed some sort of electronic-based system ahead of time. The data that we did not get from that point once we realized once we implemented FieldAware, it was kinda disappointing like ‘shoot,’ we just didn’t get that data. ”

Nik Parra, the chief technology officer at Resource POS, shared their story in the FieldAware/Aberdeen webinar, "Building a Culture of Service Excellence." Learn more about the challenges and solutions for field service companies and how implementing FieldAware's field service management software is helping to change the service culture at Resource POS and strengthen their business.