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Too Busy to Improve?

I was talking to someone on our sales team about a conversation he'd had with a prospective customer. He had just explained to the company's Service Director about the types of improvements our customers typically see in their service operations after implementing field service management software. The Service Director replied "We're all just too busy. I guess we just don't have time to make improvements."

The comment struck me. Clearly this company was having some success given how busy they are, right? But how much were they missing out on by not taking a breath, looking objectively at their business and determining where they could be better? How much healthier could the business be if a little time was devoted each week to reviewing performance and making incremental changes?

In a lot of ways it's like trying to lose weight. I know from experience that simply tracking the calories you take in each day has an immediate impact on your weight. So does tracking the steps you take each day or how much sleep you're getting. Just taking the time to understand what's happening can almost immediately start to make you healthier.

Can your business afford to keep plunging forward, being busy, without stopping to see if there could be a BAD reason why you're so busy? Start by recognizing that "busy" may not quite equal "healthy."

Some reasons why your service business might be so busy:

  • You're scheduling work inefficiently.
  • You're returning to customers multiple times because tasks were missed.
  • You're sending your least productive field resources to the most jobs.
  • Field teams are driving back to the office just to drop off or pick up paperwork.
  • Paper invoices and work orders are getting lost, destroyed or misread.
  • Information is being re-keyed into disparate systems.
  • You're losing customers and spending more time finding new ones.
  • You're dealing with countless emergency calls with no way to keep them organized.

The cost of not stopping to evaluate the performance of your service operations is significant. You could be losing revenue, talented employees and customers every day. Not to mention a lot of sleep.

Still too busy?