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The Biggest Field Service Technology Developments of the Last 20 Years

At the beginning of every year, companies spend time evaluating their current processes and solutions in order to identify areas of opportunity to improve efficiency, achieve cost savings and improve customer service. We took a look back at how field service has drastically changed in the last two decades due to technological breakthroughs, changes in process or competition. Some of the biggest “game changers” have turned the… View More


Infographic: Intelligent Field Service

Intelligent field service means streamlined, efficient service operations. That means investing in field service management software built from the ground up to be mobile and flexible. Companies implementing field service software can increase profitability, generate more revenue, simplify processes and reduce customer churn.… View More


FieldAware Raises the Bar in Field Service Automation with New Mobile Apps

Releases apps designed specifically for tablets; upgrades existing smartphone apps PLANO, TX and NYC (AHR EXPO) -- January 22, 2014: FieldAware, a leader in cloud-based, made-for-mobile field service automation solutions, has released new apps designed to increase field service productivity and customer service while maximizing revenue potential. The… View More


Is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Part of Your Field Service Plan?

If you're like most people, you love your mobile devices. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, phablet or smartwatch, we feel a connection to mobile devices unlike any other product. Part of the draw is the social interaction and fun they enable, but it's doubtful we'd be so committed to our mobile arsenal if it didn't also offer true utility like maps, restaurant reviews, movie times, fitness tracking and a thousand other genuinely helpful… View More


What Are the REAL Advantages of a Homegrown Field Service Application?

Is your company thinking about developing or upgrading a homegrown field service application? If the answer is “yes”, we think it’s important to understand how homegrown applications compare with cloud-based, made-for-mobile solutions. Solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of almost any field service… View More