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The Cost of Waiting to Implement Field Service Software

  • How many hours are spent on service paperwork, emails and phone calls in your office? What if those activities were replaced with something more high-value like customer care, business planning or marketing?
  • And what if instead of mailing out invoices days after a job was completed and then waiting for payment to be mailed back, the invoice instantly arrived in your customer's email box as soon as the task or project was completed?
  • What if you could add another job every day just from better scheduling and dispatch?

These are all missed opportunities that cost you money every day.

You may not be the only one waiting. You customers may be getting faster service from competitors who have shorter service windows and deploy the closest technician to their home or business. How much business will you lose if your competitors get there faster and more reliably?

Even if you already have a field service software solution, there are likely gains to be made from newer, mobile and cloud built solutions. If you're using a premise-based solution for instance, there's a good chance it's costing you in IT and maintenance fees. Worse, field workers aren't getting things done as efficiently as they could with native mobile apps designed specifically for use on a variety of devices. Inefficiency means less work gets done and that costs you.

Prudence is understandable when it comes to making decisions on where to invest your company's budget. But sometimes waiting means money. See how much with our Field Service Software ROI Calculator.