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The Importance of Industrial Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance has been an ever-evolving challenge for industries that rely heavily on their equipment. Businesses are constantly seeking ways to minimize equipment downtime and increase efficiency. For businesses that rely on expensive equipment to turn profits, any time it isn’t operational, it isn’t paying off. This is why businesses around the globe are turning to digital work management to increase efficiency and decrease delays to industrial equipment servicing.

The Productivity Challenge that Technician’s Face

McKinsey & Company published some troubling observations about the productivity of equipment technicians. “Our observations indicate that most companies’ frontline workers spend less than 50 percent of their time with hands-on tools. At many, the figure is significantly lower, with levels below 30 percent not uncommon.” This highlights the challenge that all companies face. Companies must streamline their maintenance operations so technicians can spend more time working on the task at hand and less time on paperwork, acquiring materials, permits, and all the other tasks that are related to the maintenance process. 

The Benefits of Digital Work Management

Digital work management is one viable solution for businesses looking to optimize their maintenance operations. Digital work management in your industrial equipment maintenance operations can increase your equipment technicians’ efficiency, flexibility, and autonomy. This increase in productivity ultimately results in less downtime for your equipment and higher production rates for your business. 

Digital work management is most effective when integrated with existing organizational platforms. McKinsey & Company notes that “Typically, digital work management is built into, or on top of, the organization’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. The ERP system serves as a source for much of the foundational data used by DWM, including structured equipment data, spare parts inventory, personnel data, and preventive maintenance schedules.” 

Digital Work Management and Predictive Maintenance 

You can also integrate your work management software with a comprehensive predictive maintenance program to produce a hyper-efficient automated maintenance system. Even businesses with less comprehensive or less intuitive maintenance programs will be able to integrate their existing data and analytics with their digital work management software for streamlined processes and decreased equipment downtime. 

FieldAware Digital Work Management Software

FieldAware is a digital work management software that is designed to help industrial companies optimize their operations. Our easy-to-use software is packed with features that give technicians the tools they need to succeed. It serves as a focal point for your maintenance management as it houses project information, develops schedules, and provides real-time tracking information so that management can make informed decisions. 

FieldAware is an excellent solution for industrial equipment maintenance companies, as well as any other companies looking to optimize their maintenance operations. To learn more about how FieldAware’s Field Service Hub can help your industrial equipment maintenance company, follow this link to our educational white paper.