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The Top 4 Features For Field Service Dispatch Software

Ensuring that your business is equipped with the right service dispatch software is a top priority for organizations operating with field teams. Your dispatchers, schedulers, and managers play a vital role in your day-to-day operations as they orchestrate field operations from the office. Equipping them with the right tools for the job equips your business for success.

The ideal service dispatch software shouldn’t just get the job done; it should elevate your operations and allow for greater efficiency in the office and the field. We have identified four key features that every dispatch team should have at their disposal through their dispatching software. Leveraging a field service dispatch software that can offer the benefits highlighted below can have immense impact throughout your organization, leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased productivity and profitability.

Field Service Dispatch Smart Scheduler

The FieldAware Smart Scheduler is designed to relieve the burden of manual scheduling and optimize your field operations with the click of a button. The smart scheduler is capable of building schedules based on customer needs, travel time, employee skill sets, and other workforce management constraints. It can even utilize “what-if '' scenarios to produce an optimal schedule for your customers, field teams, and office staff, all while dramatically reducing the time and money spent on scheduling and dispatch. 

Job Mapping 

FieldAware provides an easy to use and highly flexible dispatch platform so that when your employees need to adjust schedules manually, they are equipped with easily digestible data at their fingertips, helping them make the right decision. FIeldAware dispatching software provides schedule and map views of your employees’ planned activities, making split-second scheduling decisions easy. 

Instant Access To Vital Project Data 

One of the greatest benefits of using FieldAware for dispatching is that it’s more than just dispatch software; it’s a comprehensive field service management platform. This means that your team won’t only be able to view their schedules and receive automated alerts via the FieldAware mobile app. They’ll also be able to view customer work history, vital project data, and update forms in real time on a centralized platform that is instantly accessible back at the office. FieldAware also acts as their primary platform for communication and simplifies time tracking to reduce time wasted in the field. When you provide your field service employees with the FieldAware mobile app, you are providing them with the most important tool they’ll carry in the field that day.


As businesses grow in scale, functions and operations inevitably change to accommodate the growing force. Without the right dispatch software, your dispatch team will become bogged down, overwhelmed, and produce less than optimal schedules, leading to less than optimal results. FieldAware is designed to be robust yet flexible so that as you optimize operations and scale your business, FieldAware can continue to meet your needs. FieldAware dispatching software is designed to grow as you do.