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Tips for Efficient HVAC Dispatching


When heating and air conditioning systems go down, people need technicians to get their systems up and running again quickly. For HVAC field service companies, it is vital that new jobs are responded to as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

Part of an efficient work order management process is effective dispatching and routing technicians. Back offices, scheduling managers, and dispatchers are responsible for receiving client and task information, then communicating that data with technicians in the field. For optimal dispatching, back-office personnel must have the tools and resources they need to capably direct field service workers.

The right mobile field service management solution can make all the difference for HVAC dispatchers. Here is a look at how the made-for-mobile hub from FieldAware can help HVAC dispatchers better orchestrate field service operations.

Optimize Scheduling

Scheduling software from FieldAware allows dispatchers and scheduling managers to see a job’s completion status in real time without having to communicate directly with a field service worker. When a client requests service, a scheduler can easily look at a range of time slots and technicians available to complete a job in the shortest time possible. With a simple drag and drop, dispatchers can assign technicians to new tasks instantly.  

Job Completion Tracking

FieldAware offers robust scheduling solutions for dispatchers that allow field managers to direct active technicians in the field more efficiently. When technicians use the mobile platform to indicate that a task or project has been completed, dispatchers are automatically alerted. Scheduling personnel can then direct the technician to the new task without any back-office calls or emails.

Share Task and Client Information with Technicians

When HVAC dispatchers assign a task to a technician using the FieldAware platform, they can also add vital information to the job summary. This allows the technician to arrive at a new job with all the details and customer history they need to get the job done. In addition to client information, field service workers can also see what items they will need for a task which enables them to arrive informed and prepared.

Quick Response to New Jobs

When dispatchers assign a new job to a technician, all work order information is automatically sent directly to the technician's mobile device. This real-time feature will give your HVAC business the quick response you need to provide quality service for your customers.

Find the Dispatching Tools that are Right for You

When you implement the made-for-mobile hub from FieldAware into your HVAC field service operations, your dispatchers will be able to direct field activity faster and more efficiently. For more information or help finding the field service management solution best suited to your application, contact one of our product specialists today.