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Scaling FSM Capabilities for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common both on the road and in the marketplace. McKinsey & Company projections suggest EVs will make up 75 percent of European new car sales by 2030. In the United States, the Bureau of transportation notes that EVs hold 7.6% of the market share of all light-duty vehicle sales, and this number is expected to grow. 

For decades, the feasibility of electricity serving as an adequate replacement for carbon-based fuels was met with skepticism and doubt. In recent years, however, as we see more and more electric vehicles taking to the streets, the skepticism surrounding electric vehicles has shifted. Consumers’ primary concern is no longer the ability of an electric vehicle to get you from point A to point B. The primary concern is now charging infrastructure; or lack thereof. 

Charging Infrastructure Stands as Barrier to EV Adoption

According to McKinsey’s 2020 ACES Consumer Survey, potential EV drivers put the lack of charging infrastructure at the top of the list of barriers to expanded EV adoption. While many electric vehicle owners use their residence as their primary charging station, there is still substantial “range anxiety” felt by current and prospective owners. Addressing this concern is paramount in increasing EV sales and prevalence on roadways around the globe. 

Matching Electric Vehicle Demand with Charging Infrastructure

As we see electric vehicles numbers continue to rise, the installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging infrastructure stands as a bottleneck in the industry, ultimately slowing sales and reducing the effectiveness and feasibility of the vehicles themselves. 

However, for companies with the capabilities to design, install, or maintain electric vehicle charging stations, there is a lucrative opportunity at hand. As demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, so will the demand for accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Field service management companies poised to partake in the expansion of this relatively young industry need to proactively invest in their field service management capabilities to ensure that they are prepared to handle both the impending demand for their services and the company growth that will come along with it. 

Field Service Management Software For Electric Vehicle Infrastructure 

Ensuring that your team is equipped with comprehensive field service management software is essential as you optimize and scale your operations. FieldAware is an FSM solution that can help optimize your current operations in a digital, cloud-based platform that can grow as you do, reducing the broken business functions and processes that can plague organizations during a period of rapid expansion.

Just as electric vehicles require EV charging infrastructure to reach their greatest potential, your team needs the right FSM digital infrastructure to reach theirs. For companies ready to optimize their operations and strive for sustained growth, turn to FieldAware

The statistics, analysis, and reporting above were supplemented by McKinsey & Company’s “Shaping the future of fast-charging EV infrastructure.” To learn more about the projected growth of the EV market and the challenges that the market is currently facing, read the complete article here