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mobile facilities manager

Elevate Facilities Management Service Quality With Mobility

Today’s facility manager is under pressure to accomplish more with less. You must juggle an array of daily responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory standards, maintaining aging assets and infrastructure, and facing pressure from increasing expectations, all with fewer resources.

Your tenants count on you to provide a whole range of different services and maintaining a high level of service quality is crucial to tenant satisfaction. The facility manager who relies on dated manual processes is not equipped to succeed in an industry that is changing and processes, like paper-based workflows, leave you vulnerable to well-documented pitfalls:

  • They throttle productivity, racking up high costs
  • They do not provide actionable data required to meet regulatory standards and service level agreements
  • They cannot perform accurate and detailed inspections required to keep assets functioning and up to code
  • They cannot quickly call teams to action to remedy service issues, safety breaches, or other emergencies

Here are a few ways that mobile solutions can help overcome challenges and elevate service quality.

Benefits of Mobile Facilities Management

Maximize asset lifespan

Tenant satisfaction can drop if key assets aren’t running properly – especially during peak traffic hours. In order to maximize the lifespan of valuable assets, a mobile solution can help emphasize predictive maintenance rather than routine preventative maintenance. Moving to such a predictive model allows you to gauge equipment health, help solve potential problems before equipment failure, maximizing asset uptime and overall lifespan.

Ensure compliance

How data is managed is core to your compliance requirements for monitoring, reporting and auditing purposes. All data needs to be correctly captured, recorded and managed, and mobile solutions allow the information to be more easily collected, shared and used. This not only speeds up processes but critically ensures compliance targets are met on every job, every time, by every worker.

Mobile solutions bring distinct advantages to the facility manager and your data management as the ability to respond immediately to customers or regulatory authorities is increased and an audit trail is in place for accountability.

Accurate business intelligence

Information collected using mobile solutions is accurate and reliable and can instantly give a real-time insight into the business. This not only gives those making on-the-spot decisions confidence in the information they are using, but also means the data can be easily searched, extracted, and analysed. This helps to transform collected data into actionable business intelligence.

A sophisticated mobile solution, coupled with an intuitive analytics platform, allows you to track all aspects of services performed by your in-house team or an outsourced contractor helping to elevate the service to your tenants without increasing costs.

Your next steps to mobile facilities management

From working with facilities management companies, we’ve found that there are some common principals in looking for the right mobility facilities management solution and here we outline what those are to help you make the move to mobile field service.

  • Ease of integration is key. You don’t need to have to think about changing your whole business solution. Extending the life of your current systems within your facilities management is all important so look at mobile solutions which will leverage and expand their use.
  • Implementation needs to be as quick and straightforward as possible. A lengthy implementation process will defeat its objective. So being up and running in days, not months, should be the realistic goal - delivering a much faster return on investment.
  • Any mobile solution should be easy to use. Overly-complicated systems will be bypassed and worked around or ignored all together. The easier to use, the quicker the adoption and the better the return on investment
  • Vitally, mobility is about the anytime, anywhere access to information and it is essential that your solution makes it as easy as possible to achieve this within your facilities management operation.

Learn more about how mobile solutions can help your day-to-day facility management operations. Download our eBook - The Facility and Property Services Manager of Tomorrow: How Mobility is Transforming the Industry.