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Establish a positive public image

Even a field service organization relies on public relations to help keep them on point with current and potential customers. While tools like HVAC service software will help keep a great revenue stream, Jennifer Jacobson of Jacobson Communication wrote on VentureBeat that a company should still have a PR strategy in place. Meeting specific goals will not only help marketing but it will ensure the message stays on point, she said.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the owner of the business is not the only person who speaks for the company. Especially in an industry where technicians will be at the customers home every day, organizations will need to ensure the messages stay consistent across the business.

Jacobson said it will also be essential to have a level of determination that will help carry the PR and marketing campaigns through any hard time which may come up.

"Successful public relations requires a significant amount of work, strategy and investment," she said. "It's never about 'one story' making you famous. It's about a variety of stories in a variety of places, over time, creating momentum. Too many companies get 95 percent of the way there and give up. Don't give up. It's okay to pivot, but don't give up."

Figuring out the next year
Wesley Young wrote on Search Engine Land that PR and marketing campaigns should be planned for the entire upcoming year. The Internet will be an important part of these strategies and he said businesses should look to make a simple and efficient website that monitors analytics and displays contact information so customers can easily get in touch with the business.

In addition to having a good website presence, businesses will need to be sure they stay consistent and updated with social media including having an editorial calendar, responding to customers in a timely way and figuring out which platforms to focus on the most.

"Facebook and Twitter provide strong platforms to reach the vast majority of consumers with business updates, sales and promotions, new products and services and the like," Young said. "They also offer the ability to engage in one-on-one conversations with consumers regarding questions, concerns and complaints."

Testing and measurement should be done on both marketing and PR strategies throughout the year to make sure the company is on the correct path.

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