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What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Field Service Management Software

Integrating field service management software into your current operations can provide an abundance of benefits, all of which ultimately combine for increased efficiency, higher quality work, and greater profitability. However, not all field service management software offers the same capabilities, and each of the many software solutions on the market today will provide a unique array of benefits. As you choose amongst the many software providers available, determining which field service management software will serve as the greatest asset to your organization is of the utmost importance. We have highlighted key features that you should look for when choosing a field service management software.

Top 5 Factors When Purchasing Field Service Management Software

Is the Software Mobile-first, Cloud-Based or Desktop Based? 

Cloud-based software can serve as a valuable asset in field service operations, offering greater accessibility for field staff as they access real-time project data, including specs, schedules, schematics, and more from the field. It also provides a cost-efficient and secure means of storing project data without the risk of hardware failure disrupting operations. 

Can It be Integrated With Existing Business Software and Processes?

In many cases, the ability to integrate your new software with existing business processes is essential as it minimizes workflow disruptions and broken business processes. For businesses that already handle aspects of their business in software such as Netsuite, Quickbooks, Salesforce, or Xero, find a field service management software with integrated extensions that will allow for a seamless adoption. 

Will This Software Streamline Operations?

This software shouldn’t just house operations; it should streamline them. Features like FieldAware’s Smart Scheduler and TimeKeeper reduce the burden of peripheral functions like scheduling and time tracking and can help streamline operations throughout the project lifecycle. 

Does This FSM Software Improve Visibility into Field Operations? 

Your field service management software should provide management with greater visibility into field operations through extensive reporting functions. For example, FieldAware’s reporting software is capable of 12 standard reports in addition to a report builder that allows you to quantify and visualize business metrics and better plan for your organization’s future. 

Can The Software be Altered to Accommodate Organizational and Operational Changes? 

Ensuring that your field service management software is flexible enough to grow as your business grows is essential. As you streamline operations and increase profitability, growth is likely not far away. Choosing a platform that can grow as you do will reduce the broken processes and decreased efficiency that can come from periods of sustained growth. 

FieldAware Field Service Management Software 

FieldAware field service management software is capable of all the features noted above, along with many others that can help you optimize operations and achieve greater productivity. To learn more about FieldAware’s field service management capabilities, follow this link and schedule a free demo today.