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Field Operation Solutions for Fire Alarm Inspection and Reporting

Fire alarms save lives. According to the National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA), roughly two-thirds of deaths caused by fire happen in settings where functioning fire alarms are not present. This statistic paints a dark picture and reinforces the importance of fire alarm technicians and other fire alarm inspection professionals. It is also why FieldAware is so proud to provide cutting-edge fire alarm inspection software to the fire alarm industry. FieldAware enables technicians to work effectively and serves as a hub for the resources and tools they need to do their jobs. 

Get Better Work Order Management With the FieldAware Hub

FieldAware is an excellent tool for mobile field service management. The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) has named FieldAware as its exclusive endorsed service provider for mobile field service management solutions. Our FieldAware hub is the ideal solution for fire alarm installation and maintenance companies as they manage their field technicians. 

The FieldAware hub was built to improve the field service management process. Our hub allows your field technicians to operate without ever leaving the field, giving them access to any data and information they need to perform their jobs. Our Smart Scheduler streamlines the scheduling process by automatically optimizing their daily schedules, taking into account their skills, service area, drive time, and more. By expediting the management process, your team can spend more time working hard to prevent catastrophes. 

Use the FieldAware Mobile App to Maximize your Team’s Potential 

FieldAware’s mobile application is designed to be easy to use while packed with the features and capabilities you need to fast-track your dispatching process and field operations. The app is native and offline enabled. Your team will always have the access they need and can replace the cumbersome paperwork, schedules, and other documentation that fire alarm technicians have had to carry in the past. 

Our field solution application serves as a tool to centralize data, scheduling, project specs, and more for your team. FieldAware becomes a pipeline for communication amongst your staff and houses access to any compliance reports, schematics, quotes, or other documentation necessary. It is also capable of dynamic forms to simplify the fire alarm inspection and regulatory compliance process. 

The app is designed to merge with your ERP to present a seamless inventory management process. It can display availability and location and can even serve as the initiation point for order placement. When the job is complete, it can be linked to your back office and finance operations to allow the invoicing process to be initiated from the field, meaning your company sees payment for your services faster. By utilizing FieldAware’s hub as a focal point for your field service management, you can simplify and expedite daily operations, maximizing productivity. 

FieldAware is proud to support the fire alarm installation, inspection, and reporting industry. To learn more about the challenges that fire alarm companies face and how these challenges can be overcome with our fire alarm inspection software, view our full-length report.