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Mobile field service apps

Mobile Field Service Apps: Features & Benefits

Mobile apps are at the forefront of FieldAware’s innovations. Our unique combination of rich mobile apps built over a user-friendly interface means that FieldAware customers see a 27 percent increase in business productivity. All FieldAware apps for mobile service field technicians are native and offline enabled, meaning customer data is always at your fingertips

FieldAware’s mobile apps reduce or eliminate the need for multiple visits to a customer by putting its work history, asset tracking capabilities, and job documentation at the field engineer's fingertips. Because there is no need for stacks of paperwork, the back office can see the job status in real-time and field engineers have everything they need right from their mobile device. 

Features of Field Service Mobile Apps 


Cloud-based mobile apps deliver advanced capabilities and must be easy to use and easy to integrate with existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems. Once implemented, the two-way flow of information means that many tasks can be automated from the field as soon as jobs are completed. The result of the right mobility solution is extending the work of the back office out into the field in a robust and reliable way, connecting the operational workflow, and ultimately ensuring service objectives are met. 

Work Order Management

FieldAware digitizes every field service work order — from the time it is created to the moment it is invoiced to the customer. Eliminate lost jobs, delight customers, and eradicate illegible work orders with FieldAware’s field service work order management system.

The typical paperwork order travels many miles and email work orders are inefficient and filled with errors. FieldAware takes a different approach. We instantly send work orders to your field staff using a mobile app. They have all the data they need to complete the job right on the very first visit. You get a signed, ready-to-invoice work order as soon as the job is complete.

Scheduling and Dispatch

A field service organization is as efficient as its scheduling and dispatching. FieldAware mobile apps enable field managers and technicians to work in sync. Field managers can effortlessly schedule jobs in advance, plan for inventory and trucks, and track technician performance.

Having to track down crew members in the field and make sure they receive any updated paperwork to complete the job at hand can create substantial delays. With the mobile app, scheduling and dispatch teams are able to assign jobs at the click of a button, adjust as the day goes on, and provide new information right as technicians need it.

Asset Management

Keeping track of internal and customer assets can be a daunting task if you don’t have a proper field asset service in place. FieldAware’s mobile app solution helps you pinpoint the location and status of your assets while in the field. 

Benefits of Field Service Apps 

Reduce the Pain of Lost Connections. Mobile service apps like FieldAware are designed from the start to operate off-line when necessary. Whether the connection breaks down suddenly or it becomes necessary to move into that no-signal zone, field personnel find their latest information remains on the device and new inputs are held locally until a network connection is reestablished. Data stored on the wireless device in the field can be immediately synced with what is stored back at headquarters. Any new updates from the office are also synced back. Plus, the original timestamps are retained.

Mobile Safety Process and Procedures. The mobile field service app allows companies to mobilize safety processes and procedures and enables field technicians to fill out edit-ready PDF forms on their smartphone or tablet, as well as sort work orders to ensure they have everything they need. Field technicians can use their smartphone or tablet to verify that a task or process was completed by taking a photo or video that includes a date and timestamp. Finally, completion of the safety procedure can require sign-off by a crew lead – or a customer – and that sign-off can be attached to every work order or invoice.

Mobile Payments. Another benefit is the ability to accept payments through the app. Instead of waiting for weeks or months for customers to return the money through an invoice, payment can be instant and the organization's revenue stream can see benefits quickly.

Why it Matters

Everyone "does mobile" right? It's rare to find a software maker, especially in the SaaS space, that doesn't have some kind of mobile capabilities. Your customers now have come to expect it, and through it, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Getting your customers and your field technicians information in real-time, not only cuts down on paperwork and lost hours, it increases efficiency and allows you to provide improved customer experience and build more clients into your technician’s day. Suddenly, your workday is more profitable and your customers impressed.