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Empower Field Technicians with the FieldAware Mobile App

The field service industry presents a lot of challenges to both management and field service technicians. Overcoming these challenges is essential for any business that wants to achieve consistent profitability and expansion. Some common challenges that field service teams face include: 

  1. Miscommunication between the office and the field
  2. Data silos 
  3. Inefficient processes/unproductive time 
  4. Flexibility to provide optimal customer service
  5. Return Trips 

The Benefits of a Field Service Mobile Application

Many of the problems noted above stem from the same cause: Insufficient data sharing, autonomy, and communication between the office and the field. This is where a mobile application backed by extensive field management software can truly shine. The right field service mobile app will be the most important tool in your technician’s toolbox. It will allow them to access vital project information, minimize downtime for paperwork and time tracking, and allow the autonomy they need to complete high quality work as efficiently as possible. 

FieldAware Mobile App 

FieldAware’s mobile app is the tool that you need to empower your technicians. FieldAware’s field service management mobile app is made to sync seamlessly with FieldAware software to present a cohesive field service management tool from the back office extending into the field. See below how Field Aware’s field service app can overcome or mitigate each of the challenges noted above. 

A Communication Hub For Your Team 

FieldAware’s mobile app will serve as the focal point when communicating with your field staff. They can use it to view their schedules, receive work orders, and input project information in real time. They’ll have access to all the information they need from the office in their pockets. 

Prevent Data Silos 

Data silos are common in companies using multiple different software programs to manage processes. As information is transferred manually between platforms, mistakes are made, or information is lost. At the least, time is wasted. This isn’t the case when you use FieldAware; FieldAware software presents users with a single, unified cloud-based information sharing system with integrative capabilities to mesh seamlessly with any other platforms you might use to support field service management. This software is accessible to your technicians in the field through the mobile app; your technicians simply input information through the mobile app, and the information becomes integrated into your back office information management system. 

Minimize Unproductive Time 

Technicians are faced with extensive unproductive time consisting of paperwork, time tracking, and other forms of reporting. FieldAware’s mobile app helps your field technicians expedite these processes so that they can spend more time on the work that matters most. FieldAware has simplified the time tracking process and offers greater visibility to the back office. When your technicians are on their mobile app, they can seamlessly capture and track their work, travel, and other activities, allowing them to focus on the job at hand. 

Flexible and Dynamic Forms 

FieldAware’s software and mobile app are capable of making highly flexible and dynamic forms. These forms can be used to accelerate tasks in the field and can minimize the need for extensive training. Once properly set up, the FieldAware mobile app can serve as a guiding hand for your field technicians. 

Reduce Return Visits 

All of the features spoken about above describe what we call field technician enablement, which can ultimately lead to a better customer experience and fewer returns to the same site. Your team can continue to move forward rather than back and increase profitability as you minimize travel and project time. 

The FieldAware mobile app is designed for field technicians, but provides value to your entire project team and company as a whole. Contact us and schedule a demo to see what FieldAware can do for you.