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Field Service Management Key to Efficiency in the Petroleum Industry

In the petroleum product distribution field, the name of the game is asset management and efficiency. Oil equipment assets are expensive to service and critical to everyone's success, from exploration to manufacturing to distribution. In addition, out in the field, inefficiency means lost revenue, or worse, unsafe conditions.

One of our oil industry customers, Sun Oil Limited, started up in 2006 and provides retail and bulk distribution of petroleum products to retail service stations. André Moss, Engineering Projects Manager at Sun Oil told us “Being owners of the critical equipment, we want to make sure we manage our assets, get a return on investment, and improve our efficiencies and the effectiveness of our staff.”

When we started working with Sun Oil, they were in "reactive mode" according to André. They were calling and sending emails to technicians in the field and scheduling work from moment to moment, rather than looking at the bigger picture. André was the first to admit they were not performing as efficiently as the business needed.

Sun Oil chose to implement FieldAware's field service management system and the results were amazing. Read the full story here.