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Current and Future Trends in the Field Service Management Market 

The field service management industry has evolved rapidly in recent decades, and the onset of the pandemic has rapidly accelerated the process. As technology has advanced, customer expectations have increased. In response, field service management tools have been optimized to meet them. 

Amongst the many practices and processes now employed by field service providers, common themes can be found that hint towards overarching field service trends spanning various industries and geographic regions. 

Below, we have highlighted four key field service management market trends that have arisen in recent years, as well as field service predictions that we expect to come to fruition throughout 2022 and the years to come. 

Artificial Intelligence to Automate Business Functions 

It’s no surprise that our first field service trend involves artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is proving useful in countless industries, and the field service industry is no exception. Tools like FieldAware’s Smart Scheduler use algorithms to take into account skillsets, location, drive time, and more to produce the optimal schedule for your field technicians while reducing the burden on your scheduling and dispatch personnel. As automation and artificial intelligence continue to grow in capability and prevalence, leverage them in your own organization to optimize business processes wherever possible. 

Increasing Customer Visibility Through Customer Portals 

One way that field service providers are meeting customer expectations is by offering increased visibility and accessibility into their own customer accounts. Customer portals like those offered by FieldAware allow your customers to view service history, project status updates, request service, and more. Customer portals are an excellent way to increase customer autonomy while reducing the workload for your customer service team. 

Empowering Technicians Remains Key Focus for Management 

As field service teams look to increase productivity and efficiency, technician empowerment remains one of the most effective ways to do so. Field service companies are doing all they can to provide their field technicians with everything they need to succeed, including cloud-based field service hubs, standardized digital project documentation, and even field service mobile apps. These tools allow field technicians to do their jobs to the best of their ability, increasing efficiency, and first visit success rates. 

Field Service Software Becoming A Necessity 

As technology continues to become entwined with the field service industry, more and more field service providers are turning to specialized field service software to centralize all digital tools, functions, and processes. Field service software like FieldAware can be used to house project data, work orders, site photos, schematics, schedules, and more. FieldAware is even equipped with integrated extensions allowing you to synchronize your field service software with other vital business software such as NetsuiteQuickbooksSalesforce, and more. 

The field service management market trends noted above have been growing stronger in recent years, and we expect this to continue. Implementing the trends noted above can prove highly beneficial to your field service company, allowing you to increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. To learn how FieldAware can help your field service management team stay ahead of the curve, schedule your free demo today.