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New normal for field service industry

Benchmarking the New Normal from Year Zero

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways we live life: How we interact with one another, how we work, how we shop, how we entertain ourselves and others, and how we do business.

For those of us in field service, we have a peculiarly unique front seat in how this new normal is evolving.

Our industry is one that can never fully stop. We have long seen field service engineers and technicians as the unsung heroes keeping the world moving, long before we held a collective understanding of essential workers, such as nurses, police, and firefighters. Throughout the pandemic, field workers alongside frontline medical staff, delivery drivers, and countless others have continued to keep the world moving forward while the majority adapted to the safety of remotely working from home.

As field service leaders we have had the dual challenge of keeping operations running, adapting on the fly to the ever-changing environment of modern field service delivery while simultaneously planning for what service delivery will look like for our organizations both on the route towards recovery and beyond.

For our industry, 2020 is a significant period of disruptive change that will shape the very way we approach service delivery in the future. It is essential that we both document the changes that we have seen emerge, understand where we are seeing the emergence of new best practices, and understand the technologies that are being harnessed today that will become an essential part of the field service management toolbox in 2021 and beyond.

Field Service News and FieldAware have partnered for a new report, “Benchmarking the New Normal from Year Zero,” a broad-ranging study designed to get an understanding of these trends. Through primary survey research involving 200 field service management professionals, the report will help field service leaders benchmark their own thinking and organizational position.

In this report you’ll find:

  • If organizations had faced an issue with customers being unable to pay for their services because of restricted cash flow or not.
  • The most common prediction for the resolution of cashflow challenges within the market.
  • Whether or not companies are seeing an increase in requests for extended service contracts.
  • Why most companies have implemented a method of prioritization for service calls during the pandemic.
  • Why true partnership-based relationships allow for much a more closely integrated understanding of the challenges that customers face.
  • How the pandemic shifted the value perception of field service.
  • And much more!

Download the report now for free and learn what your peers are thinking and how you can stay competitive in the new normal of field service!