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5 Reasons To Use A Field Service Software With A Mobile App

Field Service Management Software has become an integral part of the field service industry. While it is possible for companies to execute field service management without any form of management software, it is often the case that they are operating below true operational efficiency. The challenges faced are compounded as the company experiences growth and attempts to scale operations. They simply lack the digital infrastructure to support their information sharing and operational needs as their staff and client base expand. 

In the same way that your supply chain and finance operations can be optimized with a robust ERP, your field service technician operations can be optimized with field service management software that is paired with a dynamic, flexible, and easy-to-use mobile application. A field service mobile app becomes the focal point of their daily operations, providing access to vital project information and forms that they can utilize and alter in real-time. Their mobile application takes center stage as the primary form of communication between them and the office. 

What Are the Top Five Reasons to Use FieldAware Field Service Software? 

Read below to hear five reasons your organization should utilize FieldAware and its integrated, made-for-mobile application.

It Supplies Field Technicians With The Tools They Need To Succeed

The FieldAware mobile application will be the single most valuable tool that they carry with them into the field. It houses access to past and present project information, their schedule, photos, schematics, and anything else they might need. They can replace all paperwork with a single tablet or mobile device, providing easy real-time access to information relevant to every facet of their role. This is what we call field technician enablement, as it enables them to do their job to the best of their ability. 

It Expedites and Increases The Accuracy of Information Sharing Processes 

You might be a field service company, but your business runs on information. The communication and dissemination of project information, schedules, invoices, and work orders are essential, and you need it handled quickly and accurately. When your technicians make updates through the mobile app, they upload information in real-time that is visible to anyone in the office. Furthermore, when your technicians submit vital project documents via the mobile app, that information is accessible to your entire team. This eliminates the need for duplicating data and reduces the risk of errors. 

It Reduces Time Spent On Reporting And Time Tracking 

Too much of your field technician’s time is spent on tasks that are not increasing profitability for your business. When your technicians facilitate their work through the mobile app, they’ll spend less time on tedious tasks like reporting and time tracking. Time tracking is easy through the FieldAware mobile app, and thanks to the flexible and dynamic forms that can be customized through FieldAware, inputting project data has never been easier. Your technicians will be able to spend more time doing what you hired them to do. 

It Provides Greater Transparency For The Office 

Reporting and time tracking aren’t just easier through the FieldAware mobile app; they’re more accurate too. Field Aware offers reporting and insight capabilities that provide a more accurate and more detailed picture of the current state of your organization’s operations. Our analytics engine is capable of countless custom reports, all of which are built on the information that your technicians provide through their mobile apps. 

It Provides The Structure and Flexibility Needed For Sustained Growth

FieldAware and its mobile app will grow with you as your business grows. FieldAware provides extremely capable infrastructure for businesses while remaining flexible enough to grow with you. As your company grows, or the industry changes, FieldAware’s dynamic mobile app can be customized to meet your needs. 

FieldAware software and its integrated mobile app equip service providers with the comprehensive suite of capabilities they need to perfect their field service offerings and achieve sustainable growth. To learn more about FieldAware and its field service management capabilities, schedule a demo today.