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NetSuite integration

Benefits of NetSuite Integration for Field Service Management

Combining the power of NetSuite with FieldAware, our NetSuite field service integration works seamlessly, saving time for your team and freeing up your resources. The FieldAware for NetSuite Connector relays information from one system to the next, with no downtime so you and your technicians always have access to visible data throughout all key systems.

Saving Time and Improving Profitability 

FieldAware helps maximize your NetSuite investment by giving you the power to connect the back office to the field. One way it does this is by saving time on all ends of the transaction. Dispatchers can immediately locate which technicians are available during certain time windows; if the technicians on the ground realize that additional technicians are needed for the job, he or she can immediately locate which of their peers are available and assign the task to them.

The interaction between operators and the dashboard is seamless. On their mobile device, technicians can call up the last 10 jobs for a particular customer and past service history so they are prepared the moment they arrive. That saves them and the back office time because they no longer need to call a dispatcher for details.

The same time-saving technique applies to parts. Technicians can easily access the model, serial number, and manufacturer name for specific parts and then easily order them if necessary – all through a few clicks. 

It Improves Profitability 

Saving time means improving profitability. For each and every service call, the NetSuite integration helps improve productivity by having the technician focus on the service, not wasting time with paperwork or questions to the back office. The uptake in service and increase in customer satisfaction means operators can service more customers and enjoy repeat visits from customers who are happy with their service.

Instantaneous Transactions 

Through the dashboard, the dispatcher sees all field service orders, including all billing information and related records. They have immediate access to the work requested, pricing details, and the items needed for the project. That snapshot leaves no questions unasked. The heightened visibility into the order and client gives them what they need to assign the right technician for the job.

The dashboard scheduler gives the dispatcher the availability of all crew members by date range. A map view allows them to drill down to a particular region. From there they can drag-and-drop the crew member into the task. It’s that fast. 

Mobile Access 

For the technician, every task is as swift. The FieldAware for NetSuite connector not only provides visibility into every component of the task — including location, asset, and inventory information – it can also make every transaction on the ground fast and simple.

That includes getting a pre- and post-work signature from the client. WithFieldAware, the client can sign directly through the mobile device for capture. The technician can also take photos and videos and sync them as attachments with the job task. They can add any additional tasks that were performed but not assigned. The dispatch operator can view all live attachments as they are uploaded and can see which jobs are completed, along with details and time. Then all this data is automatically synced to the NetSuite back-office. 

Real-time Service Excellence

With its intuitive interface, FieldAware’s NetSuite field service integration works on iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems for all phones and tablets. The speed and efficiency improve time and accuracy, which means customers will be satisfied knowing the job is being done right the first time. For operators, the increased customer satisfaction means more referrals. The improved efficiency means greater productivity.

For whatever your field service needs, and for any size organization, FieldAware’s NetSuite field service integration is a holistic solution designed to serve you and serve your customer so you both walk away satisfied.