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How FieldAware’s FSM Software can Reduce Soft Costs

Controlling soft costs is essential for any successful business. The goal is operational efficiency, and if your soft costs are too high, that means that there is room for improvement in your operations. By decreasing soft costs, you can increase profitability and improve your business model. FieldAware’s field service management software does exactly that. We decrease soft costs by increasing efficiency for a wide array of industries, including solar, safety, security, and many more. 

What is a Soft Cost? 

Soft costs are any costs that are not directly tied to the execution of the task at hand. Parts, material, labor; these are hard costs. They are costs directly associated with executing a project and could be considered a cost of that specific project. Soft costs include much of what remains: field team coordination and general business management happening back at the office like paperwork are common examples of soft costs. 

How FieldAware Can Reduce Soft Costs

FieldAware’s field service management software is designed to increase efficiency and expedite the field service management process. By streamlining scheduling, field team coordination, paperwork, and invoicing, you are decreasing your soft costs and time spent on these aspects of your business. Your field service management team will be saving money while accomplishing more. 

FieldAware Mobile App 

The FieldAware mobile app provides seamless connectivity between your field technicians and the office. Our app serves as their field service hub; they have access to all the documentation, schematics, and past project information they need to do their job, right at their fingertips. This technician enablement means that your technicians can operate as independently as possible, reducing soft costs associated with transferring information like documentation, permits, and past project information. Your technicians will also be able to save on the soft costs associated with travel, as they will be able to go from job to job in the most direct and efficient routes without ever leaving the field.

FieldAware’s Service Scheduling Software

The FieldAware Smart Scheduler is designed to automate the dispatch process. The scheduler takes into account the skills, drive time, and service areas of your technicians to instantly produce the optimal schedule for your field team. This saves time and money in the dispatching process and results in the most efficient schedule possible, further reducing soft costs. 

Fast Track the Invoicing Process

When using FieldAware’s field service management software, invoicing is easy. The field technician can automatically generate the invoice straight from the field as soon as the work is completed and signed-off, kickstarting the invoicing process and saving time and money for your accounting department.

Soft Cost Reduction Every Step of the Way 

FieldAware’s field service management is designed to reduce soft costs every step of the way. It allows for increased efficiency, improved communication, streamlined processes, and a centralized hub for project documentation. These benefits all work towards the same goal of reduced soft costs for your field service company.

Watch the on-demand presentation of FieldAware’s field service platform to learn more about our industry-leading solution.