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Step by Step Through a Day With Our FSM Software

Our field service management software is designed to serve as the focal point for information management and communication throughout the solar panel installation and maintenance cycle. See firsthand how our software plays its part in the field service management process.

The Work Order 

Back at the office, the work order is received and is effortlessly input into the FieldAware software either through a direct integration or by the back office staff . The work order is linked to all past and current project information, including permits, schematics, site photos, or other documentation. No matter which technician takes up the job, they’ll have all the information they need to perform the job effectively. 

Dispatch and Schedule Building

With all the work orders in hand, your dispatcher is ready to build next week’s schedule, and it has never been easier. Offering both a schedule and map view, they can see all the information they need, including real-time locations to build an efficient and practical schedule for your team

Better yet, why not let our software handle it? Using FieldAware’s Smart Scheduler, they can automate the scheduling process. It takes into account schedules, service areas, skill sets, and more to produce the most efficient schedules possible. Our Smart Scheduler has the capability to save time for your dispatcher and your solar panel technicians with the perfect schedule. 

Technician Enablement

Now that the work order is entered and the schedule is updated, your technician can see their scheduled appointments in the FieldAware Mobile App. The mobile app will serve as the focal point for everything they do, providing the tools and information they need to do their job. The app eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork, and when the project is complete, they can even get the necessary signatures right through the app. FieldAware enables your technicians to be the best they can be. Our application makes meeting the tight time windows in the field service industry easier. 

Invoice Initiation

Now that the project is complete and documents are signed, it’s time to send out invoices. Invoices can be automatically generated with just a couple of clicks that can be emailed to your client. Our paperless invoicing capabilities mean that your team sees payment for your work faster than ever and saves time for both your technicians and finance team. 

Insightful Reporting

FieldAwares Reporting software provides new levels of visibility into your team’s day-to-day operations. Hosting 12 standard reports and an easy-to-use report builder, you’ll be able to utilize the data to improve your business model, increase efficiency, and plan for your company’s future. 

FieldAware Software: Effective, Simple, and Intuitive

Our field service software is packed with features while remaining easy to use. Our goal is to empower your team to do more and make the entire project lifecycle fast and easy. You would be amazed at what your team can accomplish with the right tool for the job.