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Field Service Solutions for Oil & Gas Services

The field service industry is dynamic and multifaceted. With potentially hundreds of technicians in the field at any given time, offices must maintain constant communication with clients and technicians, make real-time scheduling changes, and constantly update project information. As projects are completed, inventories need to be effectively managed and updated to ensure that orders for out-of-stock items are placed in a timely manner.

Field service management solutions from FieldAware are designed to simplify operational management, streamline communication, and maximize productivity. Intelligent field service management systems from FieldAware enable technicians to connect with back offices in real time from using our made-for-mobile hub. The offline connection capabilities of the field service systems from FieldAware even allow communication from remote locations.

For the oil and gas industry, managing operations requires constant awareness and responsiveness. To help you see why so many companies are opting for more efficient field service management systems, here is a closer look at how the right management platform can help your oil and gas company.

Improve Communication Between Offices and Technicians

Using the made-for-mobile field service hub to manage technicians allows back offices to make scheduling changes as needed. Technicians can indicate when they have finished a job right from their mobile device. Offices can then immediately deploy that technician to the next job, making any necessary scheduling updates in real time.

Using the field service hub to manage technicians will enable offices to see when a job began and how long it took to complete. Once a job is completed, offices can schedule the next task by proximity or available time slot to maximize scheduling efficiency.

Updated Project Information

Technicians using the FieldAware service platform will be able to see project information right from their mobile devices. When they arrive at a job location, they will have immediate access to project details such as work orders, required tools, asset maintenance history, product manuals, standard operating procedures (SOPs) or even promotional opportunities to share with the client. This ensures that technicians are fully prepared for whatever job they are assigned without contacting the back office for updated information.

Better Inventory Management

When technicians use items to complete projects, the field service platform from FieldAware allows items to be logged in the inventory management system. This enables companies to see what items are being used for which jobs. Not only does the inventory management system allow for more efficient ordering, but offices will be able to monitor which products are being used more frequently.

Find the Field Service Management Platform That is Right for You

For over ten years, FieldAware has provided the best made-for-mobile field service management systems to companies worldwide.


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