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Why field service teams love FieldAware.

When a service company is deciding whether or not to move forward with a field service software solution, one of the comments/concerns we often encounter is, "My techs are not going to like this. They are going to feel as if they are being watched." You may have even wondered this yourself. If field technicians don't buy in, at best you'll have an under-used asset. At worst they may feel resentful toward management.

It's possible some employees will look at the new software as an imposition, but we've seen that they quickly change their minds when they discover how much easier their work becomes. Some of the great feedback we hear from field technicians is:

  • "I spend much less time traveling back and forth to the office."
  • "I am able to take pictures on the job which show the office proof of the work I have completed."
  • "I have to complete and keep track of much less paperwork."
  • "I can access customer information, including locations, much faster."

When field technicians see all the positive changes that a field service solutions brings, they quickly get on board. The back office loves it as well because they receive job history from the technician in real time. They can see where their techs are at all times and everyone on the team is on the same page.

Want to hear more about how technicians feel about field service software? Schedule a demo and let us know.