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Five Ways Integrating your Field Service Impacts ROI

Five Ways Integrating your Field Service Impacts ROI

Whether you are looking at developing your field service strategy or starting out, how do you choose the right solution with so many on offer today? How do you ensure that you get the most from your investment?

One thing you should look for is a solution which easily integrates with your current systems, as a field service solution which is easily integrated means a much faster return on your investment (ROI.)

Why Integrate

1. Ease of integration extends what you already use

With an easily integrated field service solution you don’t need to think about changing your workflow systems. Extending the life of your current systems – accounting, HR, CRM or ERP - is all important so look at field service solutions which will leverage and expand their use. You want to maximize the investment you have made in your existing systems, to increase their value to you.

2. Seamless integration for a quick implementation

A solution which easily integrates helps with a smooth implementation and the implementation of any new technology needs to be as quick and straightforward as possible. A lengthy implementation process will defeat its objective. So being up and running in days, not months, should be the realistic goal - delivering a much faster ROI.

3. Ease of use means quicker adoption

Any new technology should be easy to use and field service solutions are no exception. Overly-complicated systems will be bypassed and worked around or ignored all together. When your field service solution is easy to use alongside existing systems, the adoption by workers is quicker and inevitably means a better ROI.

4. Integration efficiencies streamlines the workflow

An integrated field service solution means that the two-way flow of data and information is captured just once and in a consistent and efficient way. It means that no data is left unused or delayed while waiting on paperwork submissions or for collected information to be downloaded and an audit trail is in place reducing the chance of any lost or missing information. Once implemented, the two-way flow of information means that many tasks can be automated throughout the workflow.

5. Integration future proofs your investment

Any software needs to be agile and able to move with the next generation. Solutions which are quick to update and roll-out will mean the business keeps pace. Developments are moving fast and with an easy to integrate solution you are able to future-proof your requirements because of the flexibility it can bring. Upgrades, changes and adaptions can all be quickly and effectively made as your business needs change and develop.

FieldAware simplifies field service management. The seamless integration of our field service solutions, speed of implementation and ease of use will mean you are up and running immediately, so your business doesn’t standstill. 

For more information on how to integrate a field service solution into your business see our Introduction to Integration  free guide.

Or want a glimpse of our simple yet dynamic field service solution in action? Click here for our 90-second overview video and see why FieldAware leads the market.