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Five Ways to Simplify your Field Service

Field service management solutions essentially offer a better, more effective way to manage your field teams by having better visibility in to what they are doing and ensure that the right work is being done by the right person at the right time.

But with so many elements to manage and an ever-expanding number of available solutions, it can be difficult to know what will work for your company and therefore make an informed choice. We want to try and help you simplify field service and focus on what can bring the best benefit with the least complexity.

Automating field service is undoubtedly beneficial with companies that already use solutions seeing benefits such as 27% increased business productivity, 17% increase in revenue and a 19% improvement in customer satisfaction.

So how should you get started?

Simplify Your Field Service Solution

Think Mobile

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and owned by nearly everyone so it’s a tool you should take advantage of.  Made-for-mobile field service apps can be downloaded, used by everyone instantly and don’t require new hardware – just download and go. Look for a field service solution that is designed for the mobile environment specifically and has the ability for mobile workers to use the app offline (when a network signal is not available) so there is no loss of data while they are out in the field. Another benefit is the reduction in paperwork – no more filling in forms day after day and no more having to re-key it in.

Go for Cloud

Cloud-based solutions provide a number of cost benefits and they can be implemented quickly and easily. The main benefits are that the cost is predictable, there is reduced capital spending (on technology hardware) and the associated maintenance costs. Importantly data is automatically backed up by the service provider so you don’t have to worry about storage and pushing data into the cloud makes it easier to share.

Don’t forget Integration

Ease of integration is a key part of any solution as there is no need to upgrade the entire end-to-end solution. If you have invested in existing systems, starting from scratch is not an option. Extending the life of these systems is important, so a field service solution which is compatible and integrates easily with any of the other systems the business has, will help to extend their use and make for an easier implementation. From accounting to CRMs, sharing data across an organization means instant, accurate information everywhere you need it just at the touch of a button.

Ensure Ease of Use

To reach their full potential, field service solutions need to be easy to use to make doing jobs easier, faster and better.  When that solution is easy to use, adoption is quicker and in many cases, can be used as a job benefit that helps staff satisfaction.  However, overly complex solutions can make the adoption process long and expensive, which defeats the objective of using it – if it gets used at all.  Choose solutions that offer one-click information capture, are built to be used in the field and give the field teams a simple way to collect, share and view everything they need to get the job done right, first time.

Stay Flexible

Because field service is ever-changing and evolving, it’s important that the field service solution has flexibility to meet the demands of a business now – and in the future.  We recommend that the system you choose should include the ability to be used in a variety of ways or within a number of processes. For example, to have the ability to assign work orders not just from the scheduler or dispatcher, but also from the work order itself or the job board. You also want to know that you solution is built on a flexible platform so new features and customization can be added with the minimum of fuss and cost.


Choosing the right field service management solution does not need to be confusing, but is an important step in increasing the productivity of your staff, growing revenues, improving customer satisfaction and retaining skilled employees. 

To find out more on how FieldAware is simplifying field service with innovative field service solutions – watch our overview video here.