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Focus Investment to Maximize Business Benefit

Field service management solutions essentially offer a better, more effective way to manage your field operations. Within this there are so many different elements to manage however, and with an ever-expanding number of available solutions, it can be difficult to know where best to invest for your organization.

Leading field service management analysts, Gartner, reports that there is confusion in the market as to which capabilities are included in end-to-end FSM and how it differs from related markets such as enterprise asset management (EAM) and product life cycle management (PLM).

As a result, there can be a poor understanding of the opportunities, for increased revenue, cost-efficiency and customer loyalty that some competitors are taking advantage of.

The recently published report - The Six Categories of Field Service Management Application Functionality and Why You Need Them - provides an assessment of what Gartner identifies as key field service management functionality.

  • The six categories are:
  • Demand Management
  • Work Planning
  • Technician Enablement (Mobile)
  • Work Order Debrief
  • Operations
  • Analytics and Integration

To help with decision-making, Gartner looks at the likely benefits of each category to organizations, helping to evaluate current and future technology needs for implementation and selecting the categories with the best returns for a business.

Read the report to understand why field service leaders need to focus on the functional categories in their own organizations and how competency in these can really drive their efficiency. We believe that this will help the organization assess where they will gain the greatest business benefits and where to focus their efforts and investment.

Whether this is from an emphasis on generating revenue or controlling costs, the report also explores how to measure improvements, so that investment is as targeted as possible to maximize the return.

Gartner, The Six Categories of Field Service Management Application Functionality, Jim Robinson, 6 March 2018