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The Benefits of Syncing NetSuite and Your FSM Software

There are numerous benefits for companies utilizing NetSuite as their ERP. NetSuite allows your business to centralize your core processes, automate certain business functions, and improve visibility throughout your organization, all in a platform designed to grow as your business grows. 

Despite the undeniable benefits of utilizing NetSuite as your ERP, businesses still need to rely on additional software to optimize their operations. NetSuite lacks the capability to serve as a true field service management software. For companies that employ field service operations, field service management software is necessary in pursuit of peak optimization.

That’s why NetSuite’s ability to integrate 3rd party software is so important. It allows businesses to leverage the best features of NetSuite alongside specialized field service management platforms like FieldAware for streamlined business management. Implementing FieldAware as a field service management software in your operations can lead to many similar benefits to those that are seen when implementing NetSuite as an ERP. The benefits of FieldAware can be seen from the corner office all the way out into the field, throughout the duration of the field service lifecycle.

Increased Connectivity and Visibility In The Office

Syncing Your NetSuite ERP with FieldAware field service management software can lead to numerous benefits on the managerial side of field service operations. Syncing NetSuite and FieldAware allows real-time access to project information for your entire organization. Project information is housed in the cloud. There is no need to duplicate project information, reducing the risk of data errors and the time investment in information sharing. Utilizing a field service management software like FieldAware in tandem with NetSuite leads to increased connectivity and visibility in your field service operations.

Empower Field Technicians With The FieldAware NetSuite Field Service Connector

Providing your field technicians with FieldAware means that you are providing them with the tools that they need to succeed. The FieldAware mobile app will serve as their primary form of communication and contact with the office as it houses their schedule and vital project information. It also simplifies reporting processes and reduces time spent on time tracking and billing, meaning that they can spend more time on the projects that matter most. 

Increase Profitability By Combining NetSuite with FieldAware Field Service Management Software

The benefits seen throughout the project lifecycle when using FieldAware ultimately lead to increased productivity and profitability. As you reap the rewards of your ultra-efficient field service management operations, you’ll be poised for growth. FieldAware is prepared to grow as you do; FieldAware software is designed to be easy to use yet highly flexible so that as your operation grows, training remains easy, and vital business functions aren’t broken as you increase scale.

 FieldAware and its NetSuite field service connector are designed for businesses that want to improve their productivity and achieve rapid, sustainable expansion. If you think that your organization might benefit from FieldAware’s field service management software used in tandem with NetSuite, you can learn more about the FieldAware NetSuite Connector here.