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GPS insight award

GPS Insight Named IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year

We are proud to announce that GPS Insight has been named the IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year by Compass Intelligence. The well-deserved recognition comes in a time of transition and transformation for both FieldAware and GPS Insight and stands as a precursor of successes to come. 

Who is Compass Intelligence? 

Compass Intelligence is a market research and advisory firm specializing in metrics-driven market intelligence and insights for the mobile, IoT, and high-tech industries. Their service offering leaves them highly attuned to the nuances of the industries they serve, an asset that they have used to facilitate their prestigious award program, the CompassIntel Mobile, IoT, and Emerging Tech Awards.

What are the CompassIntel Mobile, IoT, and Emerging Tech Awards? 

2022 marks the 10th annual CompassIntel Mobile, IoT, and Emerging Tech Awards. The awards are intended to honor companies, vendors, and organizations demonstrating innovation, leadership, disruption, and excellence in the technology industry. Awards are won by vote, with votes being cast by industry analysts, editors, thought leaders, and advisors to ensure an unbiased outcome. GPS Insight won the category of Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year, one of 37 categories for this year’s awards, and is joined by other prestigious companies receiving recognition such as AWS, Microsoft, and Samsung. 

GPS Insight: IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year 

GPS Insight was an exceptionally strong candidate for the 2022 IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for fleet and field management. Recent acquisitions by GPS Insight, including FieldAware, have transformed the company. They are now pioneering entirely new service offerings, equipped with a comprehensive suite of solutions that bridge the gap between fleet and field and provide clients with the best of both. The combination of robust, enterprise-level fleet and field service management solutions provided by GPS Insight is one not yet fully delivered in the vehicle telematics and FSM industry. This key differentiator likely proved beneficial in the receiving of this award. These new offerings are proving to be highly beneficial to GPS Insight’s diverse customer base. 

A Sign of Things To Come 

The award stands as a harbinger of things to come for GPS Insight. The company, equipped with a diverse array of technological solutions, stands poised for a wealth of successes in the future. GPS Insight is proud to be able to help companies do more with less and come out on top in challenging times. We hope that the bestowment of this award will guide more fleet and field companies to the innovative solutions offered at GPS Insight, ultimately leading these companies to their own industry successes. 

For Additional Information: 

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