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4 Reasons That Your Field Service Operations Should Utilize a Scheduling Software

In today’s competitive marketplace, it has never been more critical to not only do high-quality work but to do it quickly. Clients, customers, and business partners expect service faster than ever, driven by the technological advances increasing our operational capabilities. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, businesses are using countless different software and technologies to expedite their business processes. Just as your business leverages tech to expedite your field operations, job scheduling software can expedite and optimize your dispatch and scheduling operations. 

What is a Job Scheduling Software? 

Job scheduling software refers to the digital platform that you use to create schedules for your field teams. A job scheduling software will, at a minimum, allow you to produce, distribute, view, and edit the schedules of your employees. High-quality scheduling software like that offered by FieldAware comes with other features and enhanced capabilities that will not only facilitate job scheduling; it will optimize the entire process. 

The Benefits of Job Scheduling Software 

The benefits of job scheduling software can be seen throughout the project lifecycle with key process improvements in both the office and the field. We’ve highlighted four key benefits of schedule management software below. 

Optimized Schedules 

While FieldAware scheduling software provides an easy-to-use and insightful platform for your dispatch team to build schedules through, it also has the ability to produce optimized schedules with the click of a button. Optimized scheduling means that your field team members are spending less time driving and more time doing what they were hired to do, helping increase your team’s productivity. FieldAware’s Smart Scheduler takes into account their location, skill sets, drive time, other jobs, and more to produce an optimized schedule quickly and easily.

Reduced Time Invested in Scheduling 

FieldAware’s Smart Scheduler isn’t just saving time in the field, it saves time in the office too. Reducing the burden of scheduling on your dispatch personnel frees up their schedule to focus on other vital business functions. Suppose your team still wishes to build schedules manually. In that case, FieldAware employee scheduling software provides an easy to use and intuitive platform that will provide all the information your scheduler needs to produce the ideal schedule for all team members. 

Schedules are Available in Real Time 

Once you’ve developed your field employee schedules to your liking, they can be sent to your field team with the click of a button and are available in real time through the FieldAware mobile app. Additionally, any changes or alterations to the schedule will be available in real time, reducing the risk of miscommunication or oversights.

Job Tracking Capabilities

FieldAware isn’t just a field service scheduling and dispatch software; it’s a comprehensive field service management software offering team members enhanced reporting and time tracking capabilities. Field teams will see decreased time devoted to time tracking in the field so that they can focus on the task at hand, while your management team will have access to vital project metrics that they can use to better plan and schedule future operations.