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Knowledge Management for Industrial Equipment Servicing

Just as manufacturing companies rely on their industrial equipment to produce their product, they rely on technicians to keep their equipment operational. Whenever their machinery is broken down, manufacturing screeches to a halt, and when equipment is non-operational, time is money. This is what makes the service and maintenance work that field technicians perform so important, and why they need to be armed with nothing but the best when it comes to field service management software. 

The Benefits of Knowledge Management 

The benefits of improved knowledge management can be seen through every step of the project lifecycle. FieldAware’s knowledge management features promote efficient and effective work practices from the day that a service request is uploaded to the FieldAware field service hub all the way through the invoicing process. Your management team, clients, customers, dispatch teams, and technicians all benefit from the use of FieldAware’s field service management software. 

FieldAware: Your Technician’s Most Important Tool

FieldAware houses all project information in one place, including project specs, schematics, photos, and any regulations relevant to this project. All of this information is readily available for your field technicians through the FieldAware mobile app, meaning that vital project information is only ever a click away. Our software will be the most important tool that your technicians will carry in the field. 

Improved Customer Service

FieldAware’s field service management software also leads to improved customer service. By enabling your technicians with comprehensive project information and flexible software, you give them greater autonomy and flexibility to meet client needs and equip them with the knowledge they need to ensure regulatory compliance. Project specs can be altered through the app, and past project information can be referenced to improve future field service practices. FieldAware’s software allows your technicians to deliver unparalleled customer service. 

Comprehensive Project Information In One Place 

Storing project specs in the FieldAware Field Service Hub allows your entire team to see vital project documentation and prevents lost or siloed information. Your dispatchers will be able to draw on this information to produce more efficient technician schedules, and your management teams will have complete transparency into daily field operations. A centralized source of easily accessible project information is essential for teams with field employees and remote staff. 

Optimize Your Industrial Equipment Service and Maintenance Operations With Better Knowledge Management Software

Utilizing the best knowledge management software allows you to optimize operations throughout your dispatch, management, and field service teams. Follow this link to learn more about how FieldAware can benefit your industrial equipment service and maintenance company.