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Why "Made for Mobile" Matters

Everyone "does mobile" right? It's rare to find a software maker, especially in the SaaS space, that doesn't have some kind of mobile capabilities. Whether it's a Web-based version of their software or a native mobile application, they've got something that, in theory, is designed to be used by the mobile worker/technician.

However, the real questions to ask when considering the mobile component of any software for your business are:

  • Was the mobile component of the software the starting point or an afterthought?
  • Is the mobile component technician-focused or back office focused?

Unlike existing, legacy field service management solutions (that started with a scheduler) and other systems that started on the Web and moved to mobile, FieldAware’s mobile apps were the starting point for our solution. Because we wanted to be the very best at improving the productivity and efficiency of every technician in every industry, we spent countless hours working with technicians in a variety of industries to understand their processes and their preferences.

Our new free white paper "Made for Mobile? It Matters!" discusses this "mobile first" philosophy in detail and helps explain why we've always believed that helping your mobile workforce become more effective makes your field service business more successful.

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