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managing multiple field service crew

Service Business Software For Optimal Crew Management

Crew management stands at the heart of any field service operation. While field team management can be handled “by hand” at a small scale, as your operation grows, the burden of management grows too. As your operation scales, it can become difficult to manage the multiple schedules, invoices, work orders, and other aspects of field service management, resulting in decreased productivity and errors. In many cases, the challenges associated with managing multiple field service crews can be greatly reduced through the implementation of a service business software. 

FieldAware is software for service businesses that is designed to expedite or automate key processes in the field service project lifecycle. Below, we have highlighted three ways in which service business software can simplify crew management. 

Schedule Management For Field Service Crews

One of the greatest challenges associated with field service crew management is the scheduling and dispatch process. Scheduling can become a serious burden on dispatch personnel. Without the right tools, it can be difficult to discern the optimal schedule that will reduce technician downtime and increase productivity. 

Service business scheduling software is the ideal tool for schedule optimization. FieldAware’s service scheduling software provides dispatch personnel with an easy to use and intuitive interface through which your team can view, edit, and release schedules in real time. It offers both list, map, and calendar views, providing management with all of the information they need to create the optimal schedule for field crews. 

For those looking to automate their field service scheduling entirely, turn to the FieldAware Smart Scheduler. It takes into account location, drive time, skillset, and more to produce the optimal schedule with the click of a button. 

Field Service Crew Time Tracking 

Time tracking and reporting are two essential components of field service crew management that grow substantially more challenging as you expand into multiple field service crews. FieldAware mitigates the time investment required for both by simplifying the time tracking process for field technician crews. In addition to time tracking capabilities, FieldAware offers an advanced analytics engine utilized through a dashboard that comes with 12 standard reports in addition to an easy to use report builder. The information gleaned from FieldAware time tracking and reporting software can provide valuable insight that your organization can use to plan for the future. 

Seamless Access to Work Orders and Project Data 

The dissemination of project data can be complicated when you are operating without the ideal project management platform. Luckily, this is another area where FieldAware excels. FieldAware is designed to serve as a centralized hub for all project information and communication. Photos, schematics, invoices, and more are accessible through the field service hub. Field technicians will have 24/7 access in the field thanks to the FieldAware mobile app and its offline capabilities. 

Work order management is also easier when using FieldAware; use FieldAware to set up a customer portal, allowing your customers to view, edit, and create new work order requests. Setting up a customer portal is an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction while reducing the burden of work order management. 

Field Crew Management 

We’ve highlighted only three of the many ways that FieldAware is equipped to simplify the management of multiple field crews. FieldAware is a software for service businesses that is designed to simplify and expedite field crew management throughout every step of the project lifecycle. Schedule a free demo today to learn how your organization can use FieldAware to better manage multiple field crews