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How Netsuite and FieldAware Work Together to Make You More Efficient

A CRM and ERP system like NetSuite is perhaps the best way to track client data and provide easy internal access to all field technicians.

However, it still has limited capabilities.

Therefore, it’s essential to have a field service management system like FieldAware working in tandem with NetSuite. Here’s how FieldAware works with NetSuite to make your field service more efficient than ever before.

Why FieldAware is Perfect With NetSuite

FieldAware is simple to set up and integrates easily with NetSuite. Fieldaware has a NetSuite certified hybrid connector that ensures the setup is done right the first time. Once you’ve integrated them, FieldAware enables your field service employees to access all information on their mobile devices with the FieldAware app and even has offline capabilities.

Therefore, technicians and headquarters have the same 360-degree view of all field operations.

It also significantly reduces data entry and minimizes mistakes as the two systems can pull data from each other, making invoicing, analytics, and other internal processes much easier.

Therefore, it won’t be long before you see a significant ROI from the two systems working together.

Key Benefits of NetSuite and FieldAware Together

Close Work Orders Faster

Closing work orders can take up to 45 minutes, and while the process must be done correctly, that time allocated doesn’t really improve your bottom line.

Therefore, with NetSuite and FieldAware together, you can dramatically cut this time down to just five minutes. In fact, Generator Systems found that using FieldAware with NetSuite increased schedulable work hours by 17 percent.

Reduce Scheduling Hassle

While scheduling used to take 45 minutes, the NetSuite and FieldAware integration now reduces that time to just a few seconds. Rather than manually calculating drive times, job estimations, and reroutes, FieldAware can automatically do all of these processes.

In fact, this is why Generator Systems chose FieldAware. Their Operations Manager, Kevin Starkey, says, “The system is updated continuously as all items are entered into the workflow. It’s a huge increase in productivity not having to chase data.”

Improves Communication

In many cases, headquarters and field service technicians have trouble staying on the same page. Many service requests involve lengthy phone conversations between dispatchers and field service technicians about the job scope, the site location, and the equipment required for the job.

If this happens four or five times per technician, the total number of hours lost between technicians and dispatchers can be well over 100 hours per week.

Therefore, using FieldAware enables technicians to see everything they need for the job as soon as it’s assigned and reduces unnecessary communication. In fact, Intimus International was able to reallocated its team of eight dispatchers to just two people by using NetSuite and FieldAware.

Reduces Data Entry and Invoice Errors

Another key reason why most people choose FieldAware with NetSuite is that it automatically processes essential data.

For example, while it used to take a full day for Intimus International to bill a client, they can now send invoices in just one minute.

Improve Your Bottom Line Now

While the pandemic has set back a lot of field service organizations, there are many that have managed to grow. Their secret lies in improving and automating internal processes, which allows them to focus on booking more clients and reducing time-consuming tasks. Ensuring your field service operations are fully integrated and automated helps you deliver on your service promises and improves your bottom line.

To learn more about how you can do the same, download our white paper here.

Watch the on-demand presentation of FieldAware’s field service platform to learn more about our industry-leading solution.