Measuring What Matters

The evolution of analytics and how field service organizations are reaping the benefits

Research into field service management consistently shows that when respondents are asked what they are planning to invest in or are looking to implement, analytic tools - more and more - are being highlighted above other functionality.

No great surprise given today’s field service operations can rely on many different systems and solutions, all of which generate huge amounts of data. However, being able to organize and analyze data in an effective, simple and reliable way is a major challenge, and without the means of turning it into something actionable, many businesses just don’t benefit.

So, where are we in the evolution of field service analytics, and how are field service organizations making their data work smarter, not harder?

To help with this we have provided a paper, looking at some of the following -

  • How business leaders sift through the overwhelming data they have and link it together in a meaningful way
  • How data is being used for decision making and also driving the need for further information
  • How we have moved from the ‘what’ and the ‘where’ of data capture to the ‘why’ of analytics
  • What the future of analytics and business intelligence looks like in field service

To learn more about the evolution of analytics and how field service organizations are reaping the benefits, read our paper: Measuring What Matters

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