Mitel: Sparking Real-Time Communications Conversation at Field Service USA

Field Service USA 2016 proved to be a rich, story-filled event that showcased how field service-based businesses are embracing new technologies. Companies are using advancements to provide better safety environments for their employees, push productivity to unprecedented levels, and realize a better return on investment for expenditures. 

One of the most business-defining stories was delivered through a discussion that featured Mitel and FieldAware's customer, Cross Refrigeration. Cross CEO Bill O'Leary shared how the integration between field service management (FSM), customer relationship management (CRM), and their accounting system has made a positive impact on efficiency and productivity for their business. 

O'Leary also shared how they look forward to the embedding of Mitel's real-time communications into FieldAware's FSM system to realize even more gains. 

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