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Preventive Maintenance Software For Consistent Productivity

Preventive maintenance is a highly effective and widely utilized maintenance strategy that can be found throughout a diverse array of industries and organizations. According to a 2021 survey by Plant Engineering, 88% of manufacturing facilities leverage a preventive maintenance program to reduce equipment and machinery downtime. It’s popular with good reason; it’s a cost-effective solution for companies looking to catch potential machinery failure before it can occur, reducing downtime and ultimately increasing productivity and profitability. 

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is most easily understood when compared to its maintenance strategy counterpart, reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance refers to any form of maintenance that is done as a reaction to a malfunction by a piece of equipment or machinery. If a component breaks, you halt operations and fix it. 

Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, is a preemptive strike that aims to prevent the need for reactive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is regularly scheduled and executed on a timeline that is designed to keep equipment functioning optimally with minimal downtime. Rather than wait for a component to break, you replace the part before this can occur, based on an estimation of the useful life for this specific component.

While generally more labor-intensive to implement and maintain, this maintenance strategy is financially superior to reactive maintenance in many circumstances, particularly in industries where equipment downtime can lead to major losses in productivity and profitability. 

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Software 

When developing and implementing a preventive maintenance strategy, utilizing the ideal maintenance management software is essential. The ideal preventive maintenance software will ease the burden of scheduling and executing maintenance on both management and maintenance technicians, reinforcing the profitability of your preventive maintenance strategy. When identifying the ideal preventive maintenance software for your organization, choose a platform that can provide the three key benefits elaborated on below.

Visibility Into Maintenance Operations 

A preventive maintenance software should provide management with the reporting and insights to maintain your preventive maintenance schedule and forecast and make optimal decisions regarding your maintenance operations. FieldAware’s maintenance reporting software provides an advanced analytics engine with 12 standard reports and an easy-to-use report builder that lets you visualize data any way you want so that your management personnel are equipped with the information they need to lead your organization to greater productivity and profitability. 

Increased Technician Autonomy 

Preventive maintenance software should provide technicians with all of the information they need to perform their duties to the best of their ability. This includes the maintenance schedule, specs, schematics, as well as past maintenance reports and data. FieldAware maintenance management mobile app serves as the single most important tool your technicians will carry, housing all vital project information just a click away.

Maintenance Scheduling Optimization 

Your preventive maintenance software should provide your scheduling and dispatch team with a streamlined means to produce the optimal schedule. FieldAware’s smart scheduler takes into consideration your technician’s skillsets, location, drive time, and more to produce the optimal schedule for all team members in a matter of seconds, significantly alleviating the burden of scheduling maintenance and dispatching team members. 

FieldAware for Optimal Preventive Maintenance Execution 

The benefits noted above are only a few of many available when you house your preventive maintenance management operations in FieldAware’s comprehensive field service management platform. FieldAware’s preventive maintenance software provides team members at all levels with the tools they need to optimize your preventive maintenance operations, in turn reducing equipment downtime and increasing productivity.