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Safety in the Field is No Accident

There are many benefits to a field service management system: streamlined processes, faster invoicing, visibility into jobs, etc.  Another important benefit that may not automatically come to mind is field safety. How can a field service management solution help keep field workers safe? Largely through helping maintain adherence to corporate and government-imposed safety regulations.

Field service software can help organizations monitor and manage compliance with safety policy and procedures, whether issued by the company or required by OSHA and other agencies.

Compliance can be tracked by the field worker through integration of :

  • Required tasks
  • Editable PDF verification forms
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Photos and video

For instance, an HVAC worker can upload a time-stamped photo to indicate proper ventilation was installed for an indoor unit at a job site or show video of a work area having been cleaned of debris and equipment following a completed job.

Managers can also create mandatory task for each job that include safety-related activities. The tasks can be associated with editable PDF forms that must be filled in and signed off by employees. This helps ensure compliance with safety policies and procedures and provides a safety audit.

Companies must protect their employees - and themselves - from job-related accidents. Comprehensive safety programs, policies, processes and training are proven methods that can reduce accidents - and the potential for safety violations. However, safety processes that do not include verification can easily be forgotten or ignored, resulting in greater risk to employees and additional liability for companies.

For more info download the full white paper here.