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Salesforce integration

The Benefits of Salesforce Field Service Integration

Is your business getting the most value from your Salesforce CRM?

While Salesforce is a beneficial tool for your team, Salesforce CRM API integration with FieldAware field service hub exponentially expands your team’s capabilities, empowering them to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Salesforce integration with FieldAware creates a robust, comprehensive toolkit that enables your entire team to effortlessly streamline job data, item costs, customer information, photos, scheduling, and more into your Salesforce CRM.

Experience the Benefits of Salesforce Field Service for Your Business

FieldAware seamlessly integrates with your existing Salesforce CRM, expanding functionality without disrupting any current systems you use. By simplifying field service management, FieldAware maximizes your crew’s productivity while providing your office team with critical information in real-time. In doing so, the automated system actually increases the value of your Salesforce CRM.

The Field Service mobile app is flexible with an easy-to-use interface. Our made-for-mobile, cloud-based software streamlines data collection with prompts, pre-fill, and auto-fill capabilities. It all but eliminates time-consuming, costly manual entry errors.

Create Jobs from Salesforce

Located in one easily accessible hub, FieldAware allows your field team and office staff to streamline processes and stay in sync with one another.

Create jobs, schedule, and assign field workers, invoice clients, display scheduled, completed, active, or paused jobs, and provide all the information necessary to successfully complete a job and move on to the next. With the abundance of information at your technicians’ fingertips, you’ll see a reduction in the need for multiple visits to the same job site, increasing productivity and profitability.

Sync Customer Data

With synced customer data, your technicians have instant access to complete customer details and service history, along with assigned tasks to complete. Using FieldAware, your team can take photos, complete forms, create documentation, and produce quotes on-site in real-time. This makes for a more engaging customer service experience that customers will notice and appreciate.

Tailor your Workflow

Create customized fields between Salesforce and FieldAware to give your teams the tools needed to tailor your workflow. Data is available immediately and updated instantly, alerting office staff when a job is complete and when it’s time to dispatch a technician to the next one.

Eliminate Paperwork

Because everything appears on mobile devices, FieldAware eliminates time-consuming paperwork that is prone to error and loss. A centralized information location means no need for technicians to call or text. The hub provides them with all the information they need to deliver fast, efficient service. 

Additionally, the FieldAware dashboard and reports give you the critical data and insights you need to grow your business.

Final Thoughts

With a dedicated focus on the field service industry, FieldAware is committed to enhancing field service management, allowing your staff to deliver the kind of service that builds your reputation and boosts your business while saving you time and money.


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