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Webinar: Service KPIs - Making Your Numbers Work for You

Key performance indicators (KPIs) help you to know how your business is doing. They enable you to move towards your operational goals that will help you grow your business, as well as provide direction for strategic positioning. When the right KPIs are properly measured, they will deliver vital insight into where you are exceling and what needs to be changed. In the field service business, there are important KPIs that can help to fuel your organization, but also pull more sales and better customer relationships from your field service workers.

The trick is to learn which KPIs are most beneficial to track. There are three mistakes that businesses make with KPIs:

  • They don’t track numbers at all or do so inconsistently, and only reference them when needed
  • They track every possible metric and don’t know what to do with the data they collect
  • They track metrics, maybe even the right ones, but fail to make them actionable

In a business with field service workers, not tracking the performance of customer-facing employees can cost you valuable opportunities for revenue. For example, do you know how much revenue you’re bringing in per employee, and by which jobs types upselling and cross-selling work best? Knowing these things and being able to track trends over time can help your to identify areas of your system that are working the best. There may be an opportunity to have field workers who are excelling in additional service call revenue help replicate what’s working for them. For example, you may decide to create a checklist for other field service workers that follow the same steps.

To stay focused on the metrics that benefit your business and not become distracted, a good rule of thumb is that if you are not going to do something with the KPIs you track, if you’re not going to make them actionable, don’t track them. Find the ones that actually impact your business, can provide you useful insight and can help you meet your operational and strategic goals.


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