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The challenges of Field Service Management in The Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance Industry

The solar panel installation project life cycle presents countless opportunities for delays, miscommunication, and other challenges. The industry requires constant communication, information exchange, code adherence, permit processing. To stay on top of these things, you need a tool that simplifies and expedites how you view and communicate project information. For this, we have developed our field service management software. Our software is designed to house or collaborate with every step of the solar panel installation process. Let us show you how you can benefit from FieldAware’s software solutions. 

Seamless Information Management 

FieldAware provides seamless information management for all processes. When a work order is received and added to our software, it can be instantly linked to past project information offering users a single location to access all project information. 

Software designed for singular purposes might be adequate, but for optimal efficiency, you need your platforms to be able to communicate with each other. FieldAware allows this by linking all components of your field service management process through our software. Our software becomes the focal point for communication and information management. When you upload a work order, it can be instantly linked to past project data and is already prepared to be assigned to a technician in the schedule builder. This saves time and ultimately decreases soft costs for businesses. 

Expediting the Invoicing Process

The invoicing process can be tedious and ties up company funds. FieldAware meets this challenge with a solution that kickstarts and digitalizes the invoicing process. Through FieldAware’s mobile app, your technicians will be able to get necessary signatures from the client and even generate invoices with just a couple of clicks. This digital invoice can be emailed from the field or accessed by your accounting team. Simplify your invoicing process with FieldAware’s field service software. 

Empower Your Technicians With the Tools They Need

Empower your technicians to do more by offering them better tools in the field. Projects are complicated, and things change. Your technicians need a tool that is flexible yet packed with the features they need to meet these challenges. Your technicians will be able to change prices and rates, view inventory, and change project information from the field, giving them the autonomy they need to streamline their work. 

Real-Time Schedule Management 

Try as you might, sticking to the schedule is impossible at times. When you need to alter your field technician’s schedule at a moment’s notice, we make it easier than ever. Your dispatcher will be able to see technicians in either list view or map view and track technicians’ real-time locations, allowing your dispatcher to reoptimize schedules in light of the changed circumstances. 

Increased Transparency 

Management will never be left in the dark again thanks to FieldAware’s reporting software. Management can track progress in real-time and analyze the metrics that are important to them. You’ll be able to choose between 12 standard reports or the option to easily build your own, giving you the freedom to monitor what is important to you. 

Problem Solved with FieldAware’s Field Service Hub

FieldAware’s field service solutions are the solution that your solar panel installation and maintenance company needs. To learn more about FieldAware’s field management solutions for the solar industry, follow this link.