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The New World of IT: Embracing Cloud Technology

New technology continues to create opportunities for how data is managed. The cloud, fueled by the ever-expanding landscape of mobile technology, is moving IT from a standard of on-site data centers. As a result, the world of IT is changing and companies are being pushed into a new era where IT is being redefined around the cloud. Cloud computing is making it more cost effective to securely disseminate information throughout a… View More


The New World of IT: Liberation Through the Cloud Means Lower Costs and Nurtured Customers

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the way that IT manages employees, data and customers. Through the adoption of cloud-centric operations, companies are realizing unprecedented flexibility by becoming unchained from the limitations of in-house data storage systems. The significant reduction in maintenance of these systems has facilitated new possibilities and opportunities to offset, or even eliminate, expenses related to data storage,… View More