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Five Reasons Why Mobility Is the Answer for Excellent Customer Service

As many as 35% of American customers cancel services due to a frustrating experience. The best way for your field teams to avoid that churn is to resolve problems in as few visits as possible. Giving them the data and tools they need to tackle almost any task equips them to be successful in delivering quality, knowledgeable service to your customers. Thankfully, there’s a way to provide all of that team support without requiring… View More


The Age of the Customer: Field Service Management Improves Customer Lifetime Value

The Age of the Customer author Jim Blasingame put forward a new way of thinking about markets and actors. He points out that for a millennia, sellers controlled the product and product information and customers made decisions based on what sellers shared with them. For tens of thousands of years—until about 1993—we lived in “The Age of the Seller.” But micro-computers ushered in a role reversal that has given rise to The Age… View More