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Ten Ways that Improved Visibility will help your Business: Part One

Ten Ways that Improved Visibility will help your Business: Part One

Field service organizations agree that improving the visibility of their business has far-reaching business benefits and it is often more a question of where visibility needs improving, rather than if it does at all.

FieldAware leads the way in simplifying field service management and here we look at how field service solutions will achieve the improved visibility of your business to help your business.

1 Real-Time Visibility, 24/7

Managers need to know what is happening in their business at any time, that is a given. The manager needs to have this information, from wherever they are. Whether they are in the office or out and about they need to have a good understanding of what is actually happening. Not from what was planned for the day or from what they are being told, but what is happening in real-time and at any time.

Information needs to be simple to access. It needs to be easy to understand, accurate and instant. Ideally access to job status, customer information, location information, asset information and notifications should all be in one place.

2 Extending the back office into the field

The connection between the back office and the field are essential in any service operation. The right field service solution gives the whole organization the ability to manage the workflow seamlessly and keeps all operational elements connected.

A constant two-way flow of information between the teams keeps everybody up to speed with what is happening and why. Mobility is key in ensuring this visibility as everybody can make updates based on real-time activity and all those who need access to it, can get it.

3 No More Lost Paperwork

Paperwork can cause field service organizations constant grief; from whether it is completed on time or at all, it being delayed as workers don’t go into offices for days at a time and inevitably paperwork being lost. Jobs may then not be marked as completed so are left outstanding, work is then not invoiced.

When the field service solution is integrated with the office, data just needs to be captured once and all systems are updated automatically. It means that no data is left unused or delayed while waiting on paperwork to be sent in or for collected information to be downloaded and an audit trail is in place reducing the chance of any lost or missing information. There is improved visibility across the workflow.

4 Business Intelligence

Field service management technology will give increased visibility into field service operations and with that comes an abundance of data from which further insight into the business is gained.

Business intelligence dashboards organize key metrics about the company’s service operation so that fully informed business decisions are made, from visual presentations that are easy to understand and easy to filter by any of the collected data.

5 Growing Revenue

The combination of improved instant, real-time visibility and the longer term identification of trends are critical to business improvement. Trends will show best practice, uncover problems and show profitability by customer, service or product. Vital in improving service, retaining customers and increasing the productivity of field workers.

Without visibility into the business, decisions may be based on gut feel or doing things the way they have always been done and the business may not move forward or grow revenue.

In Part II of Ten Ways that Improved Visibility will help your Business we look at the following -

  • Improved Customer Service
  • Time Saving
  • Benefits across the Business
  • Storage in the Cloud
  • Visibility while Working Offline

FieldAware helps companies to identify where they need improve the visibility they have of their business and simplifies field service management, so the right field service solution is used.

For more information on improving visibility see our infographic on The Key to Visibility in Field Service: Twenty Questions to Ask Yourself.

To find out more about FieldAware watch our overview video here.